Erotically Charged Night Safari Singapore

Erotically Charged Night Safari Singapore

It was early afternoon and I had just checked into my hotel room some 4. I am 1 mile from the Singapore night time safari, on Mandai Lake road. It was the best hotel that I have ever stayed in. I was excited to travel and discover Singapore. Though my itinerary was to begin the following day, I decided to check out on the most talked about Singapore night safari. I made inquiry from the hotel attendant who without hesitation brought me a brochure containing all the vital information I needed. Before the room attendant left, I asked him whether there were ladies at the event. He shook his head in agreement and added “Seeing is believing sir” as he shut the door behind him. Though the hotel offered arrangements for the night safari, I opted to do it myself because there were things I wanted to take care of. From the brochure, I noticed that I could have as well booked for the event from New York, my hometown.

I called and a smooth soothing voice with a strong Singaporean accent answered. “Hello Singapore Night Safari, Zin speaking. Who am I talking to and how can I help you?” I introduced myself and made it clear that I desperately wanted to join the night safari. Zin attended to me professionally and answered all my questions about the night safari.

“One more question before you hang up” I said.

“Shoot” Zin answered.

“Are there beautiful ladies in the entourage?” I asked.

“Are you a ladies man?” Zin asked before I could even open my mouth, Zin said that she also enjoys the tour and was privileged to lead our group. So I waited impatiently for the hour and all that the Singapore night safari had to offer. I was picked from my hotel to the park at around six in the evening.

It was exactly half past six that I finally met Zin, a beautiful Asian lady with all that it takes to make it to the top ten most gorgeous women in the universe. For a moment, I felt lost on what to look forward to, whether it was the exciting night safari or Zin. In our group, we were fifteen, six men and eight women, myself and Zin excluded. I knew the tour will be exciting even before we set off. From where I was, there were bevies of people engrossed in different activities. I instantly grasped why Night Safari Singapore is classified as one of the popular tourist attraction and reputable as of being the world’s first ever nocturnal zoo. Nestled in 40 hectares, Singapore night safari is a lush forestry with landscaped gardens and a home to 130 different animal species.

“Okay, here we go!” beamed Zin, as she cheekily looked towards my direction. I sensed something in her smile but couldn’t tell what exactly it was. With a strong Singaporean accent she continued. “We will set off at exactly 8 pm, but in the meantime, you can enjoy some refreshments” She said pointing towards Ulu Ulu Safari restaurant. I invited her for the meal and it was one of the finest evenings I ever had. Zin was exactly what I wanted for the day; Beauty and friendliness all packaged together. Finally, it was time to begin our safari. I wondered how time flew so fast when, there are interesting things to see, engrossing people and events all around at the night safari.

Singapore night safari has just too much to offer and all can’t be sampled in one night so we had to rely on our tour guide for the best experience. She assured us that we had the best deal of all. The tour started at some fifteen minutes past eight and we wondered through. Wandering through the constructed boardwalks and paths, we enjoyed sight-seeing through themed landscaped enclosed by barriers virtually unseen by almost all the visitors. Tightly holding Zin’s hand, we watched nocturnal and non-nocturnal animals including sloths, bears, striped hyenas, Asian Rhinos, wolves, vultures, Himalayan Tahrs and Bharals among other animals go about their endeavors in the moonlit environment, completely unaware of our presence. It was truly an eye-opening experience to all of us and I began to see why for years running, Singapore night safari have received numerous accolades and awards including the best the best leisure attraction experience and the best natural and man-made attraction in the world. The park experience took better portion of our evening. As events were unfolding, so was I getting cozier with Zin. Frankly speaking, she had aroused some of my long forgotten emotional and sexual feelings.

“Come on guys, let keep moving, this just a tip of an ice burg,” Zin shouted to the group which I think was getting emotionally involved than the night safari experience. Come on guys, we have to hurry up to board a tram to enjoy more, Zin said pulling me towards a half way packed tram. We were getting cozier every minute and I was a few minutes from exploding.

“I like you,” Zin whispered close in my ear, the warmth of her mouth making me to tightly clench my teeth.

I whispered back ”This is just too much for me I can’t hold back anymore.”

“You have to wait, I am working now and don’t you know work can’t be mixed with pleasure”  Zin asked in a teasing manner touching my earlobe. The tram took us to several places making stopovers now and then for its occupants to have a closer view of the animals. I had it all, the creatures of the night, Leopard trail, fishing cat trail. I have to confess that most of the time I was engrossed with Zin’s unbearable warmth. Finally, we got to the venue of Singapore Thumbuakar tribal dance. I had never seen anything like it before. It was an electrified death-defying traditional dance that proved to be an icing on the cake for me. It’s a harmonized traditional dance accompanied by blowpipe music with breathtaking acrobatic moves and fire eating displays through it all.

“Let’s go, my work is done and am damn tired,” Zin said pulling me to darkness. I didn’t even ask where we were going. I knew very well that I was more than safe in her hands and indeed my feelings were later confirmed to be true. I had her right there behind a small bush and she cried like a baby as I penetrated her. It was the sweetest lovemaking I had ever made to a woman.

“Thanks for great sex and I want to go back to New York with you” Zin begged amid tear as she woke up next to me in my hotel room bed. I hold her tightly and had more and more sex escapades with her till I couldn’t anymore. Looking back nostalgically at the erotic encounter I had at Singapore night safari, I can’t really believe that Zin became my wife. This is one of the reasons why I love to read Singaporean erotic stories.

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