My Singapore Girl

My Singapore Girl

My Singapore Girl

There is this saying which I don’t know the actual wordings, but indulge me a bit. It goes, “you often have the best moment of your life when they are unplanned”. Well, that saying turned out to be true for me.

Getting back on the horse after a bad breakup isn’t easy. I tried different dating apps, went on numerous dates, but never met the one.

Well, according to my mum, “you will know it is her when you meet her”. But will I ever?

There are days which my belief in predetermination are strengthened, like, we are destined to meet some people or do some things in our life. One of those days was Monday, the beginning of my forever. After having a long, boring weekend, I wasn’t ready for what happened at work.

Dropping from my taxi, I noticed a red-haired figure hailing me from the office entrance. That could only be Tom, he is the only red-haired person in the apartment.

“Bryan, Bryan!” he bellowed.

I shouted back, “give me a second man, I’m trying to pay my taxi!”

He ran to me and asked, “guess what?!” with excitement written all over his face.

“Come on Tom, it’s too early for any of your shenanigans”, I responded dryly.

Without missing a breath, he continued, “guess what? You are the staff of the year Bryan! Can you imagine?!”

Well, I couldn’t. I was dumbfounded, mouth opened and hanging awkwardly. For context, we have 5,000 staffs, and you can go your whole career without sniffing the “staff of the year” award.

“You need to start packing for your all-expense paid trip to Singapore! Two weeks!”, he continued.

I thought to myself, I have never been out of the US since my mama gave birth to me. My excitement went down a notch, which Tom noticed.

“What is running through your mind? You aren’t thinking of passing the opportunity, are you?”, he asked.

I thought back on my life, the only excitement I have is from my job. Why not? The two weeks’ break could be good for me. The grin came back and I laughed heartily. Singapore? Why not Singapore, I answered myself.

I packed a light luggage, got dressed, ready to catch my flight. The long 20 hours’ flight to Singapore, which suddenly starts feeling like a bad idea. I wouldn’t indulge any negative thought. I took a deep breath and released it slowly. Positive thoughts only Bryan, I said to myself. Little did I know I was walking into fate.

We arrived Singapore in the morning, which I slept most of by the way. Some have troubles sleeping on plane, but it was my best in a while. I collected my luggage, hailed a taxi to my hotel. I was greeted with beautiful sceneries. It looked more beautiful than the aerial view gave it credit.

I checked into the hotel, a breath taking view itself, got my room pass, and on my way to the elevator. The experience I had was one I never expected. One I never had in all my lives, supposing I’ve lived different lives. It all happened in the elevator. My life totally changed within the few seconds it took an elevator to close.

Ever wondered how it will feel if a goddess was casted for the role of a woman in a movie? Seeing her getting into the elevator, I could see my reflection in the sheen of her dark, luxuriant hair. My only thoughts were how it would feel to have my hands in the silky richness of her hair. The hair looks draped over an oval face and beautiful breast heaving rhythmically with every breath she took. The bosom sings a quiet lullaby only I could hear. Her eyes? The piercing blue eyes could see into my soul. Have my soul I cried inward!

The short spell was broken with a shy hello from her and the elevator closing. My last view was of flashy white teeth. I stood rooted for a minute and lost for a second.

I have never felt this way before, I muttered under my breath cursing the jet lag repeatedly. My face still burning from the experience, I took a nice, warm bath, and slept off the jetlag.

The following morning, I decided to start off my mini vacation by going to Universal Studios to see a movie poster I saw last night. So, in the afternoon, I got dressed and hailed a taxi, enjoying the view, but only one though kept playing in my head. The goddess-like-lady of yesterday. I gave my head repeated shakes to clear the thought, to no avail. The heart knows what it wants. I prayed to whatever god out there, “just one more chance. Just one more chance”.

Prayers do get answered. Probably sincere ones, for mine did. After getting the movie ticket and popcorn, I heard the shy hello once again.


I turned and looked, and there she was. The saying, “you can only make a good first impression once” turned out to be false. Her second impression was better than the first.

“Hello, you must be the gentleman I saw yesterday. I am Mikayla. You are?” She asked softly.

“I am your destiny, I cried inside!”

Her voice was the sweetest thing ever. I can listen to her all day. I looked down, and never felt more jealous of jeans as I did then. They hugged her slim but curvy legs perfectly, cupping her butt gracefully.

“I am Bryan, nice to meet you again”, I managed to utter.

She asked softly, “are you seeing the movie, or we hang somewhere in the studio?”

I responded, “anywhere with you beautiful”.

“I know a great spot” she replied. She took my hands and said, “I don’t want you getting lost, tourist”, with her enchanting smile.

I melted inside. If my life ends like this, it would have been a fulfilling one. Let it be written on my tombstone that I died a fulfilled man, I thought to myself.

It felt like a movie, and I thought, what if it is a movie? What will the next line in my script be?

With a strong gaze, I asked “can I kiss you?”

Her grip on my hand tightened, and she gave that smile. “Yes you can, stranger”.

I pulled her close but slow, my left hand stroking her hair. Time slowed in that moment. I could feel her shivering lightly and her breast heaving rapidly. I took the slightly pouted lips, with eyes half closed, and kissed. The kiss echoing promises of things to come. That was the beginning of my erotic experience at the Universal Studios with my singapore girl.


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