My Life As A Singapore Escort

My Life As A Singapore Escort

A Singapore Escort

My name is Mika, I am a Taiwan Chinese escort girl from Singapore, and I look different from a lot of Chinese girls that came from the same area as me. I have delicate features with a cute smile, and my body is pretty amazing! I am not flat all over like a lot of Asian girls, I have curves in all the right places and I have always been popular with men because of those curves. While my boobs are not huge, they are more than a handful and my butt is round like a peach, I have a snatched waist and I do work out regularly to make sure that I keep my body this way. I dress to show off my slim body, I especially like wearing cute little dresses, skirts, and knee-high socks. I know that men stare and I love it!

I lost my virginity when I was 18 to a local boy and since then, I was hooked on the feeling of attention and also the feel of a man’s body against mine. I started sleeping around a bit and then I realized something. I love sex so why give my body away for free when I could charge for it? I needed some money and it certainly beat the underpaid server job that I was doing at that time. I looked into it and decided to become a Singapore escort. I researched, got dressed up one night, and went to one of the red-light district in geylang Singapore. I hung around on the street and eventually, a guy picked me up and took me back to his hotel without telling a single person! This was probably not my best move for safety reasons, but I was new to this and I didn’t know there were certain protocols when first meeting men and being safe as an escort.

Things went well however, he was not my usual type, but he was good in bed and that made me enjoy it way more than I thought I would. He paid me almost as much as I made in a month in Taiwan just for a couple of hours together. When I was on the streets in the same spot a couple of nights later, a woman called me into her massage parlor and explained it was unsafe for me to stand in the street like that. She said how they were an escort business disguised as a massage shop, all the local men came there and she asked me if I would like a job there. After explaining the prices and how it all worked, I agreed and met some of the other girls. Things went really fast after that, and my new job definitely made me a happy lady as I had fun with different clients most nights of the week. It was much better waiting in the warm for men to come to me, rather than standing on the street awkwardly until a man turned up!

Life As A Singapore Escort

I am excited to see all the different kinds of customers who walk through my door as a Singapore escort and I am always surprised by the variety even though I have been doing this work for a few years now. There are local men but there are also a lot of tourists coming to Singapore for the first time and wanting to explore what the local girls have to offer. I don’t know what it is but men think that Singapore escorts like me are some of the best in the world and I take that as a compliment. I probably have sex with around 10 different men a week, I am always safe and there are other sex acts that I do at my discretion. I am more open with “regulars”, there are men who I have been seeing for years and I am fond of quite a few of them. One of them is so good-looking, he is actually European and he is in Singapore a few times a year for work. He doesn’t want the stress of a girlfriend but he wants regular sex and when I am in bed with him, it doesn’t even feel like I am giving escort services but rather just having fun with somebody that I get along with!

I have an amazing body and I will keep doing this job for as long as men still want to pay me for sex. I still work in the massage parlor because it is a safe environment and I like the people I work with. But in addition to that, I also advertise my escort services online on the singaporestories website because that helps me get even more types of customers and I can also make more money that way. Luckily, I have never had a bad experience with a client, the men who book me are always very respectful. Some of them make requests for things that I am not willing to do but I always set boundaries beforehand. When I get customers online, I prefer that they come to me rather than going to a stranger’s home and most of them are okay with that. I am so glad that I am a Singapore escort because I am always so horny and it satisfies my needs really well because I am always having sex, and I get paid for it!

In terms of how often I work as a Singapore escort, that varies but I will usually have one or two days off a week where I unwind and just chill by myself. On the days that I am working, I have had as many as five clients in a day in the past but the average is three. I make a lot of money from my job and it allows me the financial freedom that I have always wanted, I have been able to buy my own home and I can enjoy everything that I want in life. If you are looking for a Singapore escort during your time in the country, your opportunities and endless, and maybe you would even like to look me up!

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