Blow Job at Mount Faber Singapore

Blow Job at Mount Faber Singapore

The day started out as a normal one. I went to work and found myself swamped with meaningless tasks as always. I went about my day only thinking about one thing; that beautiful girl I am taking to Mount Faber.

We had planned this out for a while now but our schedules finally matched up (or so she says) and we will be staying in a great hotel on Mount Faber this weekend. I plan to take her on a tour of the site and to ride the famous cable cars. I am scared of heights but when it comes to a sexy woman I will do anything to get the ball rolling.

I was excited with the thought of being up and close to her. She always smells like peaches; I love it. When she come by to see me I try my hardest to take a good whiff of her hair. I will hug her and sniff her neck as if it was an actual fruit. She’s into me but it’s a bit confusing at times due to her lack of affection. She is a sexy thing though, her long creamy legs and her dyed blue hair. When she talks to me I can only notice her playing with her hair and running her hand down her legs as if calling for me to touch them. Some of the girls I work with tell me she has a boyfriend but to be honest, I don’t care.

It’s been a year now since I’ve moved to Singapore and she completely fills my mind at all times. I met up with her Saturday morning and we made the long ride to Mount Faber. Once we got there we went up to the best hotel in town and booked it for two nights. We went upstairs to change as it was a hot day and all I could concentrate on was the sweet drops of sweat running down her back…….she has no idea what I would do if she would just let me kiss her all over. As if to frustrate me further she decides to wear one of those schoolgirl skirts and a shirt that showed a bellybutton ring. “I would run my tongue down her chest and grab her belly button ring with my wet lips” were my thoughts.


Tartan Skirt Model
Singapore Woman with Tartan Skirt


We didn’t realize how many people would be at this place. It seemed everyone within a 30 mile radius decided to ruin our day and come to the same exact spot we were at. It was 2 p.m. and the sun was beaming on us, this called for a drink. We sit down in a hole in the wall type diner and I ask for a beer. She asks for one of those drinks with the cherries on the top of it (I don’t care for the name they give those fancy drinks) as I take a sip of my beer she is looking straight into my eyes while licking the cherry with her tongue. She takes the cherry between her teeth and laughs; as if she knows what I’m thinking. We got a few drinks and decided to walk around town. She took me by the arm and started running towards a huge billboard that said “Special! Ride to Mount Faber tonight 50% off” so we decided to finally go and try out the famous ride.

There was a long line but I waited patiently with her, which I did not mind at all as she was snuggled up to me and I could smell her scent with every breath. She told me stories about her friends and family and about how happy she was that we took this trip. Half-way down the line she just grabs me and kisses me!

We made out until we got to the cable car. Most people were just looking at me probably thinking “get a room!” but I didn’t mind. I was going to get lucky tonight and I knew it. This was totally worth it.

So I paid the clerk $60 for both our tickets round trip (no 50% off as I imagined). The view was beautiful. You could see all of Singapore in its glory and we caught a view of the iconic Merlion. I’ve been here a whole year and this is the first time I actually am learning and seeing a bit of how awesome this place is. She held my hand as we spoke about how beautiful this place was and before I knew it we were making out. I laid her down on the seat and started kissing her neck slowly, as I reached her breasts she moaned and groaned with pleasure. I ran my tongue down her chest and kissed her bellybutton ring as to let her know I noticed it earlier. I lifted her skirt and she grabbed my head and pressed it against her body.

All of the sudden she jumped up and threw me down where she was laying just a moment ago. She whispered in my ear “I want to suck you right now” I got hard just thinking about it and she started taking my shirt of slowly as she kissed my chest.
She grabbed my legs with both her hands and started licking the tip of my dick while watching my face. Her lips wrapped around the head and as it grew it started going deeper and deeper into her mouth. She realized she had to use her hands it was so hard.

I put my hand behind her head and slowed her movements down to enjoy every last bit of her sweet mouth. We realized our ride was coming to an end and so was I. Hear head moved faster and faster until she tasted that I came all over her mouth. As she swallowed me while I was shaking, it was so good and we were just getting started. Once we got off the car we were both red and blushing. Her hair was all over the place and I had the biggest grin on my face. The clerk asked “how was the view?” I responded “the best I’ve ever seen my friend” and it most definitely was.


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