Meeting with The Singapore Head Master

Meeting with The Singapore Head Master

The National University of Singapore wasn’t what Nora expected it to be. It was more. After her second year in university, majoring in English, she is still in awe of campus life and how alive it seems. You get to figure out what or who you want to be. She relishes every bit of it.

It was a girls’ night out with friends, and yes, it was going to be a great weekend. The night started off with some great music and alcohol, the beginning of every great night. She danced alone, declined some dance offers, and accepted some.

She always had a sensual way of swaying her body to the music, no matter the genre, which her friends were always jealous of. They always say she could steal a man’s heart with her lithe, sexual movement and have his soul too, just because she can. She always laughed it off.

The night went from a frenzy moment to a calmer game of “Truth or Dare”. We all sat in a circle, with the bowl containing “truth” or “dare” passed around. There have been some crazy and funny dares so far. A lady was dared to kiss a girl to her right and another dude to her left simultaneously.

“I can do some crazy dares too,” Nora thought to herself.

The bowl was passed to her, and she picked up a strip of paper. She unfurled it, and found “truth” written on it.

Tomi, the moderator and also her roommate, smiled, and asked, “Have you ever been in love or had a crush?”

The Singapore Head Master

She thought momentarily. No, she had never been in love, but she had one big crush. Her thoughts immediately wandered to Aiden, and a dreamy expression plastered across her face. Or is it Mr. Aiden, my Singapore Head Master during secondary at the Interanational school Sigapore.

She always thought him too young to be a headmaster and too handsome to be in the profession. She always pictured him every night in a magazine cover with ripped biceps and a lean, muscled body. His hazel eyes she dared not look into directly because of what it might steal from her; not only her heart, but probably her life’s essence. She always saw the faint ripple of muscle behind his clothes while imagining the comfort of lying in his strong arms. He was the man of her fantasy.  She realized she was causing a scene because of her delay in answering, and shook off the feeling.

With a soft murmur, she answered, “Yes, I had a big crush,” with that dreamy look still on her face. A girl’s fantasy had no right making her feel this way, she thought.

“I am an adult”! She snapped at herself.

The game continued, but the thought of Aiden remained. The memories of those penetrating hazel eyes haunted her thoughts throughout the evening. Would she ever live this fantasy? Or would it just remain a fantasy? She asked, lost in thought.

The downside to every great night is a greater hangover. She always asked if it was worth it after all. She could feel her head throbbing, and the nausea had earned her a visit to the toilet twice already. The hangover eventually subsided, but brought back thoughts of Aiden. She groaned inwardly and muttered “heck!” aloud.

She walked to the living room and greeted Tomi, her roommate,

“Good Morning.”

“Morning,” she responded.

“What happened yesterday?” She inquired.

Seeing a puzzled look on my face, she added, “You know what I mean, Nora.”

Exasperated, she collapsed on the couch. “Like a hangover isn’t enough, now I get to deal with old memories of my secondary school crush, who also happened to be my headmaster,”

Tomi giggled and added, “These are the juicy gist I live for. Spill!”

I responded, “Probably later, I don’t feel great at the moment.”

Taking A Shower

I took a shower, but it wouldn’t ease thoughts of Aiden. The feeling of the water touching my bare skin makes me imagine what Aiden’s touch would be. My nipples hardened at those thoughts.

After finishing in the bathroom and dressing up, I didn’t bother checking my horoscopes. I knew it wasn’t going to be a great day if I got plagued with memories I thought were girls’ fantasies and had buried.  I wouldn’t waste the day imagining things I have no control over, so I prepared for grocery shopping. I strolled into the food section with my basket, and was greeted with the back view of a tall handsome man casually browsing. This could be a handsome distraction, I thought smugly. I walked over to the item I wanted, but unfortunately, it was arranged on the upper shelf. I jumped a couple of times and was about to reach for an assistant when a voice stopped me.

“Do you need a hand, ma’am?”, the stranger asked.

With a refusal already on my lips, I turned and answered, “No, thank…”. I couldn’t complete the sentence; it was those hazel eyes staring intently at me.  No, it couldn’t be. My senses are just having a heck of a field day at my expense, I thought. If I could just blink twice, I would see that this isn’t Aiden. I did, but the hazel eyes remained.

“Aiden?” I called softly.

There are so many things I can be wrong about in this life; Aiden isn’t one of them. I could see the faint rippling of muscle behind his tight fitted t-shirt and the lean muscle behind his pants. Those chest, I would gladly have my last breath on. I would give anything to have my hands deep in that lush dark hair, weaving around it. I looked down into the perfectly sculpted face and thin lips. I would gladly drink forever from those lips.

How would it feel if those lips nuzzled my neck, traveled down my cleavage, towards my breast, and even further down? I got a tingling sensation in my toes just from thinking about it.

He answered, “Yes, it is Aiden.”

It seems just like yesterday and not three years ago. “It is Nora!”, I exclaimed.

“Nora? “My Nora?”, he asked.

It was what he used to call me. I nodded emphatically and rushed to give him a tight hug. He smelled of summer, and I felt a soothing wave wash over me as he held my narrow waist. Could this old crush become something more? Or should I just leave it as it was, a memory worth keeping and cherishing? In his arms, the latter thought was forgotten.

With his hug, I could feel all my senses heightened. My nipples were taut and hurting, in expectance of a touch they might not receive. My knees were weakened, but the thoughts of his strong arm made me feel safe. Shouldn’t I find out if my fantasies about him were real after all?

“Oh Nora,” he whispered into my ears, and I melted further into his embrace.

With what seemed an eternity but must have been in fact seconds I drew myself away from him blushing.

I said, “I am so sorry Mr. Aiden.  I just got lost in the moment.’

He replied, with a smile on his face, ‘No need to apologize, I felt the same’.  He looked me up and down and said, ‘My, My have you not become a beautiful woman.’

Again I blushed and looked to the ground, not knowing how to respond.  All my senses were at high alert and I could feel the wetness between my legs.  Now where was this going to go?

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