Nice Guy at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Nice Guy at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Life is full of surprises. I always wanted to see the world and even get to see the beauty of it all. There isn’t a day that went by without me going through sites searching for a place to be. Mandy, my best friend told me she had been to this beautiful casino during her honeymoon. The Marina Bay Sands, Singapore was the name of the casino they had been to. My annual vacation was coming up and this time i was going to do something new. So Mandy had just told me about this place and after seeing that it was in a very breathtaking place, I was ready to try it out. I was going there alone, not like I have any friends and Mandy was madly in love with her husband. I knew this would be quite a trip. I just felt lonely knowing I was going alone.

When I booked a plane ticket for Singapore, I felt like I was too crazy to do this. When the time came for the flight, I just wanted to feel like am gonna really enjoy every penny spent on the trip. Mind you I did not want any spoiler alerts on the experience out there.After the long days of work day in and out, a vacation was not such a bad idea. I wanted to experience the Marina bay sands and possibly have the best time of my life.

When I arrived at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore I was astonished by the nice and warm feeling. Large buildings that were screaming welcome to this place. Just as I was checking in, this nice guy around the corner was really checking me out. I thought I was being paranoid but he really was looking at me. As I was being escorted to my room, he walked over to me and gave his number. When I went into my room, I just needed a warm shower and probably relax. I knew it as going to be a long weekend. The place was all I ever imagined. Then I remembered that I had to make the most out of it. I anted to call the guy then changed my mind. He had those killer looks that would make you sweat everywhere. I just did not want to make my stay at the hotel weird.

When I took my shower and I was all dressed up in my swimwear and some sunscreen in hand I heard a knock. I went and opened the door, there he was. I thought my brain was playing tricks on me. I wanted to go for a swim in the worlds biggest swimming pool and there he was making me feel other things. He was fierce, probably had the most wildest eyes I had ever seen. This made me feel more uncomfortable. I felt like I really needed a dip into the cold water. I would help me stay calm for even a bit.

He was a good flirt, made me wet my nickers in just a single move. I know this was meant to be a vacation but it just got wild. I wanted to make a point that I am not an easy going person. Then I remembered how Mandy used to tease me that I always have my own special ways of running men off. She was right, I never was the one to consent to good sex. The pool with all it’s beauty was making me feel like I don’t want to feel as I did. On the other hand he was there driving me mad.”Jason” he extended his hand to me. I told him my name as I extended mine to him. He squeezed it in a suggestive way that made me burn even a little bit more. I hoped that my face was not all pink because I was really flushed. He leaned in and kissed my cheek. I was going to explode if he did not step back. He was too cute for any woman not to admire. I couldn’t believe all this was happening. We stared at each other in awkward silence. I started some small talk while he reached for my hand.

Jason was not the kind that waits around. He was going for it. Before I knew what was going on he was searching for my lips and running his hands through my freshly combed hair. I was confused but the fire burning in me was too great to stand down for the fear. I reached for his hair too and started unbuttoning his shirt. He kept teasing me with his tongue which made me feel like I had been a virgin all my life.He lifted me up and started caressing my temples. The way he pushed against my chest and breathed hard made me feel like I was in another world. It had been long since I was this naughty, maybe not even close to this.

He ran his hands through my sundress and unhooked my bra. I could tell he was a “boob” person by the way he ran his hands through them. His tongue was magic in itself. In a manner of seconds I was naked and in his huge muscular arms. With everything so heated. He laid me down on the bed. It was quite comfy and he was wearing the best cologne I had ever smelt. This was all I ever needed. The strong muscles pushed hard against me. The tongue was making me moan in ll kinds of manner you would think I was on my honeymoon. He really knew how to please a woman. I had never been this excited in a long time. He just went on and on and we made the most out of the experience. What a nice time it was to vacation at the Marina bay sands Singapore.

I couldn’t wait to repeat my experience again with him. When we were totally worn out, I knew I was keeping his number. Who knew it would be this good. The Hotel at the  Marina Bay Sands, Singapore beauty just became more vibrant and vivid to me. I was sure I had a glow and a stupid grin on my face. This was definitely the best experience and probably will remain so for a long time.

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