Perving From the Ion Sky Singapore

Perving From the Ion Sky Singapore

Above Orchard road stands a new experience stretching 218 meters into clouds at ION Sky Singapore. The iconic building offers a nice view of the entire Singapore while sitting and resting in a balcony at the most classy hotel in Singapore. ION has state of the art telescopes that best explains the reason why many people enjoy visiting the building. With these very powerful telescopes, one gets a very rare opportunity to get a clear panoramic view of Singapore with its special features and landmarks that are very attractive and appealing to the eye. With the help of these telescopes you are able to have a nice and clear view of the surrounding areas regardless of the weather conditions. As I arrive at Singapore for my holiday after a long and tiring plane journey, I only had one place in mind that I had yearned for years to set my foot on. ION Sky was only ringing in my mind as I had heard a lot of history about these most publicized building cum- monument.

As I walked the streets of Singapore, I realized that the place is full of life and most of the ladies on the streets were just amazing with their miniskirts and very exposed chests. Some were even wearing only bikinis which made me wonder the kind of life Singapore women enjoys. There were young, slender and very beautiful ladies dressed with only one intention of bringing a man to salivate. In all the streets, Women waved sexily as if they knew I was a visitor in the most lively and most pleasurable city I’ve ever visited. I was ushered into a taxi by a young lady who was smartly dressed and I could not hesitate to jump fast into the car as I figure out how I would enjoy my ride with the beautiful lady behind the wheel. It was like my journey had been cut short suddenly as the taxi stopped in front of a very beautiful lawn facing a classy building.

It was hard for me to believe we were at ION Sky Singapore as I watched the beauty of the icon building. I came back to my senses when the taxi lady informed me that my bags were safe in my room. I turned my head to view for the last time the beautiful creation and how she was endowed with extra beauty. Before driving off, she whispered to me “I know your room” and hurriedly drove off. While on top of ION Sky it was real fun watching the stunning city landscape through fresh eyes with the state of the art telescope. It brought a very nice view of Singapore as I wonder about the beauty of the place. As I was twisting the telescope looking for new features, my heart nearly skipped a beat when I saw two naked women kissing and caressing each other in the open. I quickly rubbed my eyes with the back of my palms to make sure that I was not dreaming. It was now so clear when I saw that they were men and women enjoying themselves in the open while naked. The sight of these naked women sends a chilling spine through my entire system and found all my entire body trembling badly. I twisted my telescope to have a clear view and there they were, having it all in the open.’


Bikini Poolside Woman
Women in Bikini Poolside


This man was having three ladies by himself. I got a clear view of a fat lady with very big bottoms kneeling down as this masculine man penetrated her with all his strength as the other ladies cheer them while pampering their genitals. The fat lady was screaming with pleasure as the man puts all his efforts in pumping the juicy fat woman. Unable to contain my feelings, I rushed down to where the scene was without knowing clearly what was going on in my mind. As I aimlessly stroll the corridors trying to find my way to the outdoor, when I heard some voices and decided to trace them. I came into the poolside where there was a lot of activity going on. Men and women were swimming together and I just stare as I saw a man holding a lady while immersed in water, and from the look on the ladies face it was evident the man was inside her. Unable to contain myself, I went near a lady next to me and just found myself touching her.

She did not resist and that gave me the confidence to go further. I softly touched her thighs gently as I move upwards. She responded positively as I kissed her and removed her bikini. She had the most tempting structure and we never talked until I had completely removed her bikini. I started touching her private parts where she responded with a very soft and sexy groan which was arousing to me. I stroke her clitoris gently with my fingers and she lay completely flat on the poolside as she groaned with pleasure. When she came over she quickly unzipped my trouser and removed it, which I aimlessly allowed. She grabbed my dick and squeezed me until I was in a reverie. I penetrated her right at the poolside making her moan and groan with pleasure as she reached orgasm after orgasm. It was a lot of pleasure laying her on the poolside. I came into my senses when I ejaculated on her and found men and women surrounding and cheering us. As if I was from a bad dream, I grabbed my clothes and head to my room as more women stopped me appealingly in order to have a taste of my dick.

I went into my room at ION Sky Singapore to have a warm shower after the pleasure with the woman at the pool. I went into the bathroom and took a shower. Halfway, I felt very soft hands caress my back. I turned and saw the beautiful taxi driver naked with her tits pointed at me. She touched my chest and her hot body came in contact with mine, I was completely aroused and found myself kissing her vigorously. She was an expert in it as if she had been doing it all her life. Like a hungry teenager, I made her bent right in the bathroom as I penetrated her from behind. Her bottom was so exposed that it made me enjoy the sight of her nakedness. She twisted her bottoms skillfully and was just left as an observer in the game. She made me feel so sweet all over with her stylish change of positions and twisting of her bottoms, leaving me wondering how an expert she was. When I reached my orgasm, she gave her last shot and lay flat on the floor as she praised me on how I had made her groaned with pleasure after a long time, and how I had given her real pleasure.

As I signed out of ION Sky Singapore, I was left with a lot of sweet memories which would always remind me of good times in Singapore. Given another chance, I will go back to ION Sky Singapore without a second thought.

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