I Was Catfished By A Singapore Male Escort

I Was Catfished By A Singapore Male Escort


I have been hearing that Singapore Male Escorts may not be trustworthy and I have had some negative experiences when using the services of a Singapore Male Escort before, but last week something happened to me that made me realize that everything I knew about such services was wrong.

I was Catfished By A Singapore Male Escort! Or at least I’m pretty sure it was a Catfishing attempt. At first, the man sounded perfect but after we exchanged dozens of messages, my opinion slowly changed into what it is today.

I was in a very bad and desperate situation when I decided to use the services of a Singapore Male Escort, so I thought that this may be my last chance. This is also the first time in my life that I needed to arrange such kind of escort service and from what I was told and understood, all Singapore Male Escorts are shady characters and cannot be trusted.  Some people told me that all male escorts were gay.   I was even scared that if I would have contacted a trusted escorts service list like the one at Singapore Stories, I may end up getting scammed.

Fortunately, my decision to contact a Singapore Male Escort came at the right moment and it was one of the best decisions ever made in my life. This is why I decided to share with you everything that happened and let you know how I felt after talking with this man. It will be interesting to see what other girls experienced when they tried to contact such services.

So, last week, I contacted a Singapore Male Escort to help me through my personal problems. As I was in a very bad position and feeling depressed, I was ready to pay anything just to save myself from the crisis. The Singapore escort service presented me with a solution and even though it was very expensive, I had no other choice for my sanity. So, after agreeing on the terms and payment methods, we spoke on the phone and arranged everything in details. I had the pleasure to meet him in a very nice and comfortable place, which made me feel that he was trustworthy. The moment I met him, he did not disappoint me with his looks or his body. To my surprise, he also looked better than what I had imagined.

After seeing this man’s face once, it was hard to forget about him and only after seeing his pretty body that I realized everything that I thought before was wrong. His appearance was not what I had expected, but I immediately accepted this as a good sign. After a few minutes, we left the place and went to my home to finalize the appointment. It was a very long journey and since I had no idea how much time it would take us to arrive at my home, I was extremely nervous. Thankfully, the male escort was really understanding and it felt like no time when we arrived at my place in 30 minutes.

After seeing his face and knowing that he possessed a great personality, I knew that everything would be alright. However, I had no idea what kind of a man he was going to be after seeing him in person. He was different from what I imagined and this created fear inside my mind. I could not imagine who this man was, how he was going to act and what he thought of me knowing the details of our meeting.

I instantly felt embarrassed and I wanted to hide from his look. However, he was very polite and intelligent, so I did not feel that bad. The male escort who came to my place was a guy from Singapore. He was a very confident and charming man who did not hesitate to approach me after hearing about my problems. He was one of the most respectful men that I ever met, even though he is an escort.

This Singapore Male Escort was different from the usual men I met, in one important aspect: he was very professional. I felt that he would have great potential as a businessman since he knew how to put his clients at ease. As soon as we got inside, he started telling me about the services that he could provide for me. He offered many solutions and even though his prices were high, I felt that it was worth every penny because it would help me to feel better – I am recently divorced. I also liked his way of being so confident and he was able to make me feel comfortable.

After discussing the details, I ended up changing my mind and decided that I could not go through with it. Even though I felt embarrassed and guilty, it was also my privilege to talk with such a great professional men like him. He did not push me or pressure me in any way, though I did have to pay him for our initial meeting fee. He was more than willing to help me out, he was willing to listen to my problems and after listening to me he was kind enough to offer me a great experience for free. I felt so guilty, but I also knew that he would not accept my money after hearing me story.

After having a conversation with him, I realized that everything I knew about such services was wrong. This man was not interested in my money, he did not try to cheat me and his sole purpose was to help me through my own demons and problems. Even though he was very polite, he did not require me to spend money on him. On the contrary, I even told him that there was no chance that I would pay him for the services. But instead of getting angry or disappointed, he only smiled and continued his work as a professional.

After a few minutes, he started telling me about his amazing life and the services that he could offer to me. I was very impressed by his amazing stories and I felt that this was a totally different man from what I had thought a male escort would be. However, there were also some things that did not make sense to me. For example, he said that this was one of his perfect jobs, but as we continued talking, it seemed as if he did not really like it. I had the feeling that he was a very honest man and he tried to do the best for me, but was uncomfortable doing what he did.

The conversation continued until I told him that I had to take a shower. He helped me waited for me in the living room. After my shower I couldn’t help myself but put on my sexiest negligee.   I came out to him and I could see he appreciated the effort I had made.  We talked and he told me about many things like his family, business and his friends. I started feeling bad after a while and I asked him why he was being so honest with me. He explained to me that he wanted to keep his job as an escort secret and  felt he could really talk to me about it.  It made sense after hearing his story.

I could feel that he was no fake person. Even though I did not end up giving him any money, and we did not do anything that first time I kept in touch with him for more than two months. We became good friends and my personal problems started to go away as I gained the confidence to date.

The escort was really amazing and he never asked for money again and we enjoyed having a good time together – no sex involved.  He is the first male friend that did not want something more from me.  He often joked and told me his pay was my company instead of money. He wanted to enjoy being my friend and talk about his work without feeling bad or being judged.

I still keep in touch with my Singapore Male Escort who for privacy reasons will not reveal his name.. He is a person who has had a great impact in my life and I learned so much about men just by talking with him. He is a great man who helped me in many ways and I also felt really comfortable when we are together. After knowing him, I realized that there are men like him om the world. They work as escorts but want to help people and make their lives better.

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