Geylang Sinful Experience

Geylang Sinful Experience

After a few drinks at the bar, I found myself pacing up and down looking for my Geylang Sinful Experience. I had only ever had friends tell me about this place after dark. I had been to Mongkok Dim Sum for a handful of friends birthday parties, but since I was young I was told it was a sex-infested slum of drugs and independent Singapore Escorts by my mom. (Only certain sex is “infested” Mom, let’s be real!)

I walked the streets waiting to cross the imaginary border into the part of the block you can see people fucking on the street corners. It hadn’t occurred to me that if I wanted trouble, I was gonna have to find it. Im young, attractive, and Im willing to spend. What’s the hold up?

Then I got an idea.

I sat down on the sidewalk to light a cigarette, knowing that somebody would eventually approach me and ask for one. If someone did though, I wouldn’t have any idea of how to signal I was down for it though. I didn’t think I’d get that far anyways.

Finally, after my 3rd cigarette in a row, I was feeling extremely dizzy, when I heard a small meek voice from behind me.

“Got one of those for me?”

I turned around, and seen a super tall, tight-waist and a pretty face. Big brown eyes, long dark red hair that shone under the streetlights, wearing a bodysuit made out of complete fishnets, with a bathing suit with straps all over it on top, and some tiny short shorts and a bomber jacket to top her off.

I was speechless, my head was spinning, and I just smoked the last cigarette I had.

She looked at me expectantly and I felt my stomach go down to my knees, and my heart beat out of my chest.

“Umm… not on me no, but if you wanna take a walk with me I can run to a store and buy more.”

“Sure,” she smiled “I know a place. Name is Jenna.” she held out her hand for me to shake.

“Hi Jenna, I’m Brandon.”

She turned around and started walking the way I came, past the few bars that were just starting to open up.

I walked slowly behind her, totally mesmerized by her thick ass, rhythmically bouncing from side to side was she moved. Her thighs looking like they wanted to burst through her shorts.

My cock started to throb in my jeans.

Full of false confidence and testosterone I put an arm around her waist from behind her. She started and then instantly warmed up.

“You wanna have a few drinks after we buy smokes?”

“Why wait? I don’t even smoke.” she grabbed my hand and started running.

She could have been taking me to kill me in the alleyway, but I wouldn’t have cared. She brought me to a dead end street and pushed me up against the chain link fence, before she got down on her knees, and pulled the zipper down on my jeans. My cock bulged through my boxers and she wrapped her lips around it, sending me into climatic shivers.

She threw her hair into a high ponytail, and flipped it upwards handing it to me to hold like a leash, night had fallen about an hour ago, so we would be okay for privacy. Not like I wouldn’t see a car coming away.

Then she just about knocked me out when she pulled it out of my boxers and wrapped her glossy lips around the head, sucking her cheeks in as she reached the base of my shaft with a big _slurp._

My head instantly crashed against the fence as I let out a huge moan, the clanging of the fence echoing in the empty lot.

She made a noise to bring my attention down to her. I looked down and watched her open her mouth to also take my balls, and she began rubbing her tongue against them, which made me throw my head back again. I could feel rather than hear her moan, as she continued to suck on my cock and bob her head back and forth. It was so much hotter knowing she was just as turned on by it as I am.

She pulled her mouth away and began to jerk on my cock and wiggle her tongue on the tip. She looked up at me with a smile as if she was an obedient puppy, eager to follow my demands.

“Mmm baby pull my leash.” she shook her ass back and forth like she was wagging a tail. “Im a good girl, daddy, but I still need to be punished.”

My inner animal trainer came out as I wrapped her ponytail once around my wrist.

“Open your mouth you little fucking bitch.” I ordered. She opened her mouth immediately.

“On my cock. Now.”

Before I even got the command out I was throat deep in her. She began making louder slurping and sucking noises, and moaning quietly. I began to yank at her ponytail and thrust into her mouth.

As I thrusted repeatedly my dick suddenly started getting a tight feeling in the head, and with each push it was getting stronger and stronger. I was about to cum, and she could tell too.

I began bucking my hips as I continued fucking her throat. I could feel my leg muscles tightening up, stomach getting butterflies, and all I could think about was the release.

“Mmm fuck baby girl I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum so fucking hard, and its all going in your mouth.” I moaned.

She got a look of excitement on her face as she pulled back on my shaft with her mouth, and slurping off all the excess saliva her throat left.

I furiously began jerking myself off, as she waited expectantly with her mouth open.

Right as I felt my cum build up, I forced my cock back into her mouth, and with a last grunt, I came repeatedly, shooting every last drop of my load down her throat, She moaned with satisfaction as she ate it all up, and pulled away from my now spent erection.

Ahhh, the life and times of Singapore!


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