Fun In Singapore Airlines First Class

Fun In Singapore Airlines First Class

Singapore Airlines First Class

I was in the members lounge waiting for my Singapore Airlines First Class flight when I first saw her. To me, she really stood out in the crowd. She had long blond hair that cascaded gently over her shoulders. I had to admit that I could not take my eyes of her.

Unlike many of the other first class passengers she was dressed in a pair of jeans and black strappy top. You could tell that she was classy. Her jeans shouted designer label and that top tight just underneath her generous bust was clearly from a leading fashion house.

It was not long before I started to wish that she was on my Singapore Airlines flight.

After my second glass of complimentary champagne I started to feel braver. I decided to approach her where she sat sipping a drink and reading one of those travel magazines you find at airports.

Mesmerized, I asked her where she was flying to. When she told me was flying to Dubai, I almost fell out of the over-sized armchair I was sitting in. My next question was obvious – was she travelling with Singapore airlines? As my luck would have it, she was going to be my fellow first class passenger on that airline today.

As our flight was called, we started to make our way to the gate together. I could not take my eyes of that generous cleavage. She was clearly a bit older but something told me this lady knew what she was about.

We eased our way into the first class section of the aircraft. Even though we were screened off by Singapore Airlines private compartments, we could not resist seeking each other out. Before I knew it, we were continuing our conversation hanging on the First Class bar.

The moment she touched my leg, I felt sparks fly. I have to admit that joining the Mile High Club was not something I had considered doing before. But, this lady had me thinking that it could be worth tempting fate on this occasion.

Tatiana was A Swedish Escort

Her name was Tittiana Nilson. She was a former Swedish escort and adult model turned business entrepreneur. And you never guess what she sold on her website? Sex toys – I just could not believe it.

Anyway, Tittiana was clearly looking to make new business contacts. She invited me back to her private space and started to show what she had tucked away in her cabin bag. Apparently, she had just been to see one of her suppliers in Singapore.

Of course, Tittiana did not sell cheap and nasty sex toys. Her toys were exclusive and guaranteed to deliver the most discerning customer satisfaction she said. Did I want a demonstration?

Hastily, Tittiana lent over me and closed the door to our private space. She pulled a gleaming vibrator out of its box.

It could have been a brand shoe box – little did I know that this most innocent box contained such a delight.

Tittiana explained to me that she thought vibrators were underestimated as far as male satisfaction is concerned. I did not know what to say. Instead I just carried on watching the vibrating staff of delight in her hand.

She smiled at me and asked if I was a messy boy? I still did not have a clue what to say but I managed to nod. Tittiana got some tissues out of her purse. After that, she carried on unzipping me.

My Erotic Singapore Flight

There was something very clinical about what she was doing. Under normal circumstances I am not sure that it would have turned me on. But, on this occasion, it made me tremble. What was she going to do next?

She whispered you look stressed in that kind of whisper you get on ASMR videos on YouTube. For a moment there, I saw myself laid on a bed with her standing over me with a vibrator. She was wearing stockings, a thong and that black top with her breasts on display..

Tittiana gently ran the vibrator up and down my manhood. She vibrated the area where my sex meets the top of my thighs. It felt so good I had to close my eyes to try to control myself. This was an experience I did not want to be over in a hurry. But, thinking of fluffy clouds did not really help.

I managed to look at her and ask her what I could do for her. Without hesitation, she proceeded to straddle me while all of the time looking at me with those big blue eyes of hers.

She was constantly engaging with me. Her eyes were constantly locked on mine. It was like she was looking into my soul. I kept wondering if another man had enjoyed the same experience on board a Singapore Airlines flight. Perhaps this was her fetish.

She took her breasts out of her top. They were big and round with pink nipples. Next to her left nipple, she had what looked like a small nipple. She smiled and whispered something about it being a bonus nipple.

The next thing she did shocked me. She grabbed the back of my neck and told me that she had sensitive nipples. As a matter of fact, if I sucked them, I could make her cum. That was what I could do for her.

All though through this, she was still gently stimulating me with that vibrator.

Tittiana slipped a nipple in my mouth and I sucked like a baby. Even though I was on my way to shooting my load, I could hear her gently moan and groan.

I tell you, it was lucky I had that nipple in my mouth. As I climaxed, I could have screamed with pleasure. It had been such a long build up.

After a few minutes, I opened my eyes and realized I had been a very messy boy indeed. Fortunately, Tittiana had caught me.

She was still sitting astride me purring like a cat. ‘Did you enjoy that? she asked’

I did not know what to say. Vaguely, I remember nodding. After that, everything became a haze and I feel asleep only woking up as our Singapore Airlines flight was coming into land in Dubai.

She was still there smiling and looking at me. Tittiana leant over and whispered “good boy.” With that she went back to sipping her champagne with a glint in her eye.

We parted company at the gate, she went her way and I went my way. One thing is for sure, I will never forget my encounter on Singapore Airlines.

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