Ghost of Pulau Blakang Mati

Ghost of Pulau Blakang Mati

Living in Sentosa, formerly known as Pulakau Blakang Mati the island of tranquility is one of the most auspicious things that can happen to anyone that lives in Singapore. There are a lot of reasons as to why this place is amazing and I never knew that I would come face to face with one someday. I have always enjoyed seasonal; walks in the park as well as getting coffee from my favorite restaurant. These were my usual routines and sometimes it would be so late that I could feel the darkness around me. Yes, it was kind of creepy especially with the ghost stories, but a lonely guy in this place is creepier still as there are a lot of beautiful women around. I had never really been a ladies man and most of my friends teased me everyday despite this being my final year of studying at Singapore Institute of Technology, I had somehow managed to avoid all the ladies. It was like I was invisible, like a ghost and none of them ever saw me. Sometimes I would be strolling home and id find a couple just kissing on the streets or holding hands as they walked past me and this really got to me at times. The pressure to be with someone was growing intense and I had no clue which one I would actually end up with.

For the life of me, I couldn’t remember the last time that I had been out with a girl unless you can count the few times that I get to talk to my classmates. It just wasn’t me and I was just comfortable locking myself in my room and just studying or trying to invent something or meditating. I have always loved hom yoga for as long as I can remember and it has always helped me get my mind off this kind of stuff for a while now. Despite my overly superstitious nature, I had never imagined that there was anything like ghosts that inhabited this world. Though this place as very famous for having been named after ghosts of some pirates from old, it has been rumored that some people have come into contact with ghosts but being also the science guy that I am, I have always disapproved this. Most of these guys ere either drunk or they were asleep when these supposed ghosts and I wasn’t for a second going to believe them. So, I began taking longer walks in the park just to see if I would meet anyone and sometimes I would end up staying there till late for the hopes of meeting someone that I could actually go out with. It never happened for all those times that I tried to prolong my stay in the park. There is this one time that I stayed there till some minutes after midnight and I could have sworn that there was someone seated on the bench beside me. This freaked me out a bit and that day, my walk back to my apartment turned to a jog which ended up in a sprint and by the time I was at the door, I was gasping for air.

I knew something had happened at that Pulau Blakang Mati on the Park bench but I just couldn’t put my finger on it and I was really perturbed about the incident. I avoided the park for a few days and I knew that sooner or later I was going to go back there. Something kept telling me that that was where I was going to meet the girl of my dreams but what I met was not what I actually expected. I went back to the same bench that I had been sitting on that day and some minutes after midnight the same energy came back. This time I did not run or anything, I just sat there and all around me there was this aura that I could just feel but couldn’t touch or see. It went away after a few seconds and I thought that it must have been all the coffee that I had been drinking playing tricks on my mind but this was not to be.

After a few minutes there as this white invisible yet somehow clear shape of a human being seated next to me and for a moment I could have wet myself but I held my breath and was sure that now the coffee was taking a toll on me. But there was clearly someone seated beside me. I could make out a face of the Ghost of Pulau Blakang Mati and some other features before they disappeared. By this moment, I could not even bring myself to stand up and run away so instead I just sat there praying that that wasn’t what I had seen. When it made an apparition again, I went cold and I can’t remember the last thing I felt but I could see the most beautiful lady that I had ever seen standing there, clear as smoke, white as the snow and I went unconscious.

When I came to, I found myself still on the bench at waiting for the Ghost of Pulau Blakang Mati and looking at my wrist watch, ten minutes had passed. What hadn’t passed though, as the apparition seated next to me just smiling at me and then the impossible happened. It talked. The ghost said her name and asked for mine. She was really friendly and her voice almost wakes the dragon in my pants but controlled myself by getting back to my initial shock. After exchanging a few pleasantries and I getting to accustom myself with the situation I kind of got okay with the situation and I asked her what she was there for. She told me that she had always observed me seated there for quite some time now and she had thought about approaching me earlier but didn’t know how id take it so she decided to keep away from me.


Victoria Secret Angel Underwear Model
Photo: Singapore Guardian Angel


This had always worked out fine till the other day that she got too close to and she was sure that I had felt something and today that she had decided to reveal herself to me. She said that she was here to help me get the girl that I had always dreamed about and for a moment a smile creased my face and I knew that the Ghost of Pulau Blakang Mati was my guardian angel was here having the form of this ghost. We talked for a few hours because she sad that her spirit was confined to roam within the boundaries of the park and not any further so she couldn’t go anywhere with me but she told me to come early the next day at the same bench at exactly midday and my surprise would be there waiting.

I was back at the same bench at the exact time I was told the next day and true to the ghost’s word, she was there. She wasn’t alone on the bench though as there as a stunningly beautiful lady seated next to the ghost not aware what sat beside her. So, I took a seat and the ghost told what move to make and what words to say and what response to give to anything she asked me. By the end of that session, the lady wanted to have coffee with me that evening as she had to get back to work that afternoon.

When nightfall came, I gave her a call and we stepped out, picked some coffee and went to the park to the same bench as I felt like I needed a little bit more lessons from the Ghost of Pulau Blakang Mati before I could take this on my own. She was there and she helped me even further and by midnight, we had hit it off quite well with the girl. As we set off, I winked back at the ghost as she disappeared and I knew that I would always come back to visit her almost everyday of my life probably. I now had a reason never to move out of Pulau Blakang Mati and it as one of those reasons that you will always have for a secret. So, as we strode off with the girl, hand in hand, I could feel that she had started to fall for me and as I dropped her off at her place of residence, we kissed for the first time but we did not go inside. So we parted ways and promised to go out the net day still just to see if this was the right thing for us.

We met the next day and after passing by my usual place at the bench and talking to the Ghost of Pulau Blakang Mati a bit, we went out for the date. After dinner, we watched a movie and went back to my place and that was one of the best moments of my life as she undressed and stood there in the glare of the brightness from the bulb that made her look even heavenly. She reminded of a a beautiful Victoria Secret Angel, the type of woman you dream about. She had perfectly formed hips as well as firm breasts that would make any man melt in front of her. I took her to my bed and there I made love to her like it was never going to end. She even knew some things that I never thought she would and the love making even became intense as the night progressed. I could feel the wetness in her and I just knew that this was where I had always wanted to be. She had everything that I could ever hope for in a woman as far as the love making was concerned. She made me forget all my troubles and as we were through just lying in each others arms, naked and seating and smiling, we knew that this was it. This is exactly what we had been looking for all our lives and we were never going to let go of it no matter what. After a few minutes, we got back to it again and this time it was even more amazing and she took me in ways that could never have imagined. It was the best night of my life as she was on top of me just moaning and smiling and going up and down as the second turned to minutes and the love just got stronger and deeper.

Waking up the next morning was hard because none of us ad ever had such an experience before. It was a night of not just fun but intense and mature love making that was what we needed and I knew that this was going to go on for a long while. As she stepped out of the bathroom again looking all sexy again, I took her right there and we had to go to the bathroom together again. We made love again and again till we just couldn’t do it anymore which was really amazing.

That evening I went back to the park alone to meet the ghost and talk to her and tell her of the amazing thing that happened the night before. I sat on that bench for a long while waiting for her to show up but she never did. I went there for three weeks consecutively, each day hoping that I will get to see her again but I never did. She had just disappeared as quickly as she had come into my life. I never gave up on going back there and I would go back there sometimes alone and other times with the girl who is now my fiancé just to see if I will see her again but have never seen her again. Then one day, am there seated in the park just drinking coffee and she appears. All in white and even happier than before, she just emitted radiance all around her. She tells me that after she had helped me get the girl of my dreams, she had been freed and was now able to go anywhere she liked. She had gone to see how her relatives were. We talked for a very long while and I got occasional stares from passers by who thought I was talking to myself but I never minded them as I was with my guardian angel, the Ghost of Pulau Blakang Mati.

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