Dating the Singaporean Woman: What’s the Biggest Turn-Off in Your Dating Profile

Dating the Singaporean Woman: What’s the Biggest Turn-Off in Your Dating Profile

What should you expect from the Singaporean dating pool?

It helps to know what gets the groove on in any country, but it’s nicer to know when to up your game. So what’s up with Singaporean ladies?

Creating a Dating Profile

The internet is pretty wild, so be super careful about the people you choose to interact with online. For a better and more productive experience, sign up at reputable hookup dating sites and apps. If possible, opt for premium memberships that offer better verification methods.

If we’re honest, most people could use an ultimate dating profile guide that dictates clear dos and don’ts when using these sites. Nevertheless, certain trends could act as a guide. It’s crucial to note that these factors will vary depending on your end goal. Are you looking for a fling, or do you want to settle for the long run?

Handsome and rich aren’t the only attributes that Singaporean women scan for in profile bios. Others would include hobbies, social interests, education level, and of course, appearances. So, it wouldn’t hurt to show off a little when creating a dating profile bio for men.

The Dating Profile Guide

Regardless of whether a man is looking for a frivolous or long-lasting relationship, they will try to make their profiles as alluring as possible.

So why would a Singaporean lady swipe left on your profile? Here are several reasons your dating in Singapore profile is a turn-off;

1.    Hobbies

Women are attracted to spontaneity and outdoor activities than gaming introverts

According to online polls and dating profile examples, the ladies in Singapore swipe left if the guy loves anime or is an avid gamer. Creating a dating profile during covid might be tougher than you thought.

The fit and athletic counterparts tend to have more positive feedback, and ladies seem to love sportsmen. You might want to take up a skiing or snowboarding class.

2.    Age

Naturally, women are more inclined to date men in the same age bracket or slightly older, meaning they might swipe left if they consider you too young for their blood.

Older men are considered more stable compared to their younger counterparts. Over the years, Singaporean women are becoming more open to the idea of dating men younger than them. Youngbloods tend to be more-fun-loving and spontaneous.

3.    Earning Power

As more women take up careers and jobs, men’s need as providers or for stability is fast-declining. As such, most Singapore women would prefer to date someone in a similar or higher earning bracket. This doesn’t necessarily mean that such women are materialistic or shallow.

Most career women tend to date men who have a similar or higher earning power

For starters, financially down-dating means they would have to downgrade their lifestyle, something many women aren’t keen to do. Also, women believe that earning more than their partners would breed insecurity issues in a relationship. Most ladies feel that men would be forced to adopt controlling or disparaging behavior to re-establish dominance.

4.    Height

For a reason, most women pay keen attention to a man’s height, with most of them matching with the taller ones. Most women prefer not to focus on physical appearances but subconsciously choose taller men with broader shoulders.

Women are more inclined to match with taller men.

It’s because women tend to feel more secure with such men. So, even though you might have all the right attributes and qualities, a Singaporean woman is more likely to swipe left if you don’t meet her height standard.


Even though there isn’t an exclusive dating guide, you can look up dating profile advice online. Most dating sites have blogs that cater to such agendas, and they offer Q&A to answer most questions.

Do you have any questions or comments about Singaporean dating? Leave us a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

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