Cum Hungry in Singapore

Cum Hungry in Singapore

At night time, walking along the city of Singapore is a tall, lean man with a slight muscular build named Michael. He is looking at the midnight blue coloured water as the city lights playfully refract on the surface. The sound of the bustling of people and cars can be heard from a distance. He sits down on a park bench next to a Singaporean lady who is also taking a moment to relax. The wind catches her dress and her light brunette hair, making her shiver as the breeze becomes colder.

Singapore Sling Photo
Photo: Singapore Sling

“It’s pretty cold” Michael says as she nods to his comment. They begin to talk as they watch the city pass them be. She is so close to him now, he pulls her in. She straddles him in the comfort of his arms. He lifts up her dress to see her thighs, the summer dress is pulled high enough so her white laced underwear is just visible only to him. Unbeknown to her he lifts her bottom up as he reaches down to his pants to unbutton and unzip them. His cock is heavily throbbing uncontrollably and he pulls it out, placing it under her vagina. Michael feels her vagina surging with warmth through his fully erect cock. She quietly lets out a quivering and urgent moan as her body begins to react to the gentle pulsing. Her panties are becoming wet at every moment she is sitting on him. He begins gently pushing his penis tip into her wet lace panties that are gently giving way. The panties are pushed to one side and he puts his penis tip in. He has a strong need to use her and give her his load of cum.

Michael unbuttons her red summer dress exposing the top of her breasts, they are perfectly rounded and soft. He touches them and passionately kisses up her neck and bites her ear with need. He unbuttons her dress further down and he sees her white laced bra. Her nipples are blushed with pink without another thought, he holds her breasts in his hands and begins to lick them through her bra. Her wetness surges heavily, as her juices drips down his cock and balls, he slowly goes deeper as her vagina accepts his entire hard cock. He doesn’t move, he just let’s her vagina consume his cock. He begins to suck on her breasts. Her clitoris has expanded and is so swollen. She begins to move back and forth trying to stimulate her clitoris and finally begins to fuck him hard. She never imagined she would be having sex in a public place in Singapore.

“I just want your warm cum to fill me up” she whispers in Michael’s ear. His balls are filled up with a month worth of cum that is ready to release. Her pussy is sucking out his precum and is dripping into her.

“If you keep going that fast I will explode in you” he exclaims but she is not slowing down. “I’m about to cum, you have to slow down if you want me to last longer” he whispers and begins to panic.

“I just want your warm load, can you give me a big one?” She asks. His body  stiffens up as he realises she is his very own cumslut.

“I’ll try” He is holding back a large groan and thrusts deeply into her. He releases his load deep into her pussy and she begins to orgasm. His cum drips down her legs as she continues to thrust. He is still hard.

She moves off of his cock and places her hand on his cock. She kneels down and licks both of their juices off his erection.

“You need to be cleaned” she says under her breathe. He nods his head in agreement. She begins to deep throat his cock as she rubs her clitoris and touches her own breasts.

“I haven’t cum in a month, so I have more cum for you if you would like it” Michael tells her.

“You have to give me all your cum, please use me” She tells him and he nods in complete agreement. He grabs her head and pushes her mouth into his erection. She grunts as he pushes her to hard into her throat. He pulls himself out of her mouth and pulls his erection so his precum drips out of his tip. She was letting him use her like she was a fleshlight porn star.

“This is for you” He tells her as he wipes the precum away with his finger and rubs it into her nipples.

“Can you just use me?” she’s begging him “I just want another hot load”. He stands her up and takes of her wet panties and bends her over the chair. She tells him with confidence “You’re going to be a good boy, and give me all of your cum”. He holds his erection, places the tip into her vagina and jerks off into her. He tilts his head back in utter pleasure.

“Okay, I’ve got another load for you” He begins to thrust into her body, grabbing a hold of her waist and breasts. He is fucking her hot and heavy with the only intent to give himself pleasure. “I’m going to come again” He says among his groan and grunts. “Here’s another load for you”. She can feel Michael’s ejaculate hard on her inner walls. Michael was happy to be in Singapore with a good girl.

“Thank you” She groans. This was her first Singaporean sex adventure that would not be her last.



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