Christoph and the Pulau Sekudu Tour Guide!

Christoph and the Pulau Sekudu Tour Guide!

Christoph Baum awoke at dawn to the ringing sound of his hotel telephone. He rolled over lazily and grabbed the receiver.

“Your wake up call, Mr. Baum. It’s currently 5:00am.”

Baum muttered back a hazy and tired “Thank you” as he rubbed his eyes.

“I hope you have a pleasant day, Mr. Baum”.

He could tell by the concierge’s slightly sultry voice that she must have been beautiful, his member stirred. He felt a surge of memories run through his mind, the ones which he tried to forget. He thought that if he ran away to a nice vacation in Singapore that would be far enough, turns out they followed him there to.

He came to Singapore from Vienna to put the pieces of himself that he still had left back together. To perhaps find new pieces to replace the ones that were taken from him by Cassandra. Christoph can still remember the shock when he came home from work early that day which was less then a month ago. He can still vividly hear the faint moan of another man from just behind the door that lead to his bedroom that he and Cassandra had shared for seven years. “Are my ears playing tricks on me?” he thought as he could almost make out that faint groan and the strange male voice who said “Keep sucking that cock Cassandra, you suck me so well”.

He can still feel the soft carpet under his nervous steps as he slipped his shoes off and crept slowly towards the door, hoping that those noises weren’t what he thought they were. After all, how could they be? They were in love. She would never do that to him.

He can still remember how warm the door knob felt against his now cold and clammy hand, wet with the sudden sweat of worry. He will never forget what his eyes saw when he slowly pushed the door open. The love of his life on her knees, her lovely shapely ass pointed towards him, her long blonde hair bobbed vigorously as she knelt in front of the strange man who stood with his head thrown back in ecstasy. Christoph could just barely see Cassandra’s full vibrant lips wrapped around the hard cock as she bobbed forward to take the last few inches of him into her mouth.

Christoph couldn’t control himself, he let out with a loud gasp and shouted “What the hell is going on? Who are you? Cassandra, how could you?”

Cassandra and the strange man both suddenly became painfully aware that they had been caught, she let out a short scream and fell back onto the floor. The strange man grunted as he fell back in the other direction on to the bed and reached for the nearest pillow to cover himself with.

“I want you out of this house. Now!” Christoph could still hear himself as he ordered the strange naked man who crawled around the bed who searched for his clothes that had been sprawled across the room.

Christoph snapped back to the current moment, he did not want to think of the rest. He had resolved to not live in the past anymore.

Brunette Singaporean Woman Photo
Photo: Singaporean Woman – Christoph and the Pulau Sekudu Tour Guide!

He was determined to have a good time in Singapore and to forget everything that had happened to him. In an attempt to create a new post Cassandra life, to build memories that didn’t involve her. What better way than to jet off to some beautiful place like Singapore and kayak around all the beautiful little islands.

“Which is it today?” he wondered. He walked over to the table and grabbed the pamphlet of the guided kayak tours. “Looks like today is an early morning guided tour of Pulau Sekudu, I hope there aren’t too many people taking this tour. I hate when they’re overcrowded” He wandered off to the bathroom to brush his teeth and prepare for the day.

Christoph made it out to where he was supposed meet his tour group, near the Chek Jawa visitor center. He was the only person there. It was now 6:45am, he was fifteen minutes early but normally by then there are at least a few early birds. He sat on a nearby bench and looked out over the water, he could see a few tall rocks off in the distance that poked through the haze of the morning fog. He wondered if that was Pulau Sekudu and what natural beauty the rest of the fog had hidden. It was now 7:55am and still there was no one there. He began to wonder if he had gone to the wrong place. Just as he was about collect his things and head back to the hotel, he saw a car drive towards him. It stopped and the driver’s door opened, and out stepped the single most beautiful woman Christoph had seen in years.

She had shoulder length brown hair that framed her face beautifully. Her deep brown eyes cut through Christoph as if he were made of paper, he immediately felt an attraction to her. She had a mouth that was curled in to a sort of permanent sultry and mischievous smile. She wore a baggy sweatshirt and sweatpants. Even with all that extra cloth that enveloped her, he could tell that her body was curvy in all the right places and that she had long seductive legs. Christoph hoped that she wouldn’t plan on staying on the beach in those baggy garments for long. He could feel his cock swell as he imagined her remove the oversized sweatshirt to reveal what must be a stunning body.

Christoph’s prayers were suddenly answered as she reached for the bottom of her sweatshirt and pulled it up over her head, off of her body. As she pulled the excess cloth away from her body, she revealed the luscious golden brown skin of her stomach and chest. Her bright red bikini top contrasted against her perfect skin. Christoph could see the faint suggestion of toned abs leading from the top of her sweatpants up to her bikini top. He eyed the fire engine red bikini top outlining her perky and shapely breasts, he could see two nipple outlines sitting perfectly on top. After she threw the sweatshirt into the front seat of her car, she bent over slightly to remove her sweatpants, her back now towards Christoph. She pulled the sweatpants down over a divinely shaped ass, barely contained by the tightly fit matching fire engine red bikini bottoms. She wiggled her ass slightly as she worked to get her sweatpants off her long and seductive legs. With tight thighs tapering down to petite ankles. Christoph crossed his legs to hide the otherwise obvious erection that had developed in his swim trunks. He wondered if she was also going to be on the tour of Pulau Sekudu, he desperately hoped she would be.

She grabbed a kayak paddle out of the backseat of her car and casually walked up to Christoph, as if she is completely unaware of the vast amount of lust that she inspired in him. “Are you here for the 7:00am Pulau Sekudu kayak tour?” she asked with a big smile.

Christoph simultaneously felt his cock throb and his mouth suddenly go dry, all he could manage to say was a quick “Y… yes”.

Brunette Singaporean Woman Photo
Photo: Singaporean Woman – Christoph and the Pulau Sekudu Tour Guide!

“Good” she said “Looks like it’s just you and I then. I never really get many signups for the early morning tours, but it’s my favourite time to get out on the water. Much more peaceful, and private. Gives us a chance to really explore the islet. My name is Yang Li, what’s yours?” She smiled and extended a hand.

“I’m Chris… Christoph” he choked out again. He was taken by her confident energy and the raw sexuality of her body, he hoped that a sudden violent gust of wind would come and undo the knot that held her bikini top on to her and would expose the beauty beneath.

“Nice to meet you Christoph” she said and smiled that heart stopping smile. She motioned him towards the shore. “Let’s get in the water, shall we?”

They each selected their kayak and got it on the water, as she climbed over the side of her kayak he caught another peek at her perky ass. As they pushed off from the shore she listed facts about their destination. “Pulau Sekudu translated into English is ‘Frog Island’, it stems from an old folklore tale wherein…” Christoph found his thoughts had drifted back to thoughts of Yang Li’s naked body, his thoughts had become bolder. He imagined her mouth full with his cock which heavily throbs. Her beautiful thin lips caress the shaft of his cock as her delicate hands massage his balls.

He’s suddenly pulled back to the present moment by Yang Li’s voice repeating, “Christoph? Christoph?” He shook his head to clear out the thoughts but they would not leave. “Did you hear what I asked? I repeated myself a few times”. She floated her kayak over to Christoph’s and asked “Are you okay? You’ve seemed out of it this whole trip”.

“Yeah… I’m fine, I’m just uhh” Christoph couldn’t think of an end to that sentence that would make sense.

Now with her kayak right next to Christoph’s. She looked into his eyes, then down to his crotch, then back to his eyes. She smiled sheepishly and said “It’s okay, I know that you’re attracted to me. I could tell since I got here. You were barely able to tell me your name, and you have been doing a very bad job of hiding that hard thing in your pants”. She giggled as she pointed to his obviously hard cock.

She then looked around to see if anyone else was in sight. There was no one there, she leaned in to him and whispered, “Look, there is no one around. Why don’t we get out of these kayaks, go on to the island and explore a little bit”. As she said this she slowly undid the knot which held on her tight fire engine red bikini top and let it fall off, her round perky breasts were now exposed. Christoph’s eyes devoured them, they looked even more amazing than he thought they would. Her hard pert nipples looked firm and Christoph could not wait to get his hands on them.

Yang Li turned her kayak towards the shore of the islet, parked it on the shore and got out of the kayak. She laid seductively on the sand next to her kayak. Christoph quickly paddled his kayak over and jumped out, unsure of exactly what to do. It isn’t every day that he is suddenly propositioned by a beautiful woman on the shores of a beautiful island. She giggled at his awkwardness and got up to her knees.

She winked at him and said “Come here and let me help you relax”.

Christoph sheepishly walked towards Yang Li, when he was close enough she reached for his swim trunks and pulled them down. His hard cock sprang out and throbbed. She caught it in her hands and stroked it gently.

“My, my Christoph. It seems you’ve really enjoyed our tour this morning” She kissed the swollen tip of his cock gently.

He moaned in pleasure and thrust his hips forward slightly so that the head of his cock pressed against her thin beautiful lips. She giggled and opened her mouth to receive his cock. Her mouth was warm and wet around his shaft. He quickly found out just how talented she was. She swirled her tongue around the underside of his cock head, he moaned and thought of just how lucky he was to have this beautiful Singaporean kayak tour guide suck him on the shores of a private islet. Between his feelings of intense pleasure and his reflection on just how lucky and rare this scenario is he couldn’t help but explode instantly in Yang Li’s mouth. She moaned and received his load. She swallowed and giggled. She laid down and patted the sand next to her to get Christoph to lay next to her.

“Did you like your trip today, Christoph?”

“Yes, unbelievably so” he said.

“Are you here tomorrow?” she asked.

“Yes” he said.

“I don’t have anyone signed up for my tours till noon tomorrow, want to take an extra-long trip and really explore the island?” she giggled.

“Yes please” he said and smiled not believing his luck.

“Look I have another tour starting in less than an hour – so let’s head back and tomorrow we can take our time and really get to explore!” she said. Christoph learned he would have any problems creating new post Cassandra memories in Singapore with the Pulau Sekudu Tour Guide. I was one lucky expat with an erotic Singaporean story to tell!


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