Anal Thirst In Singapore

Anal Thirst In Singapore

Any man or woman will tell you that sex is the best thing that ever happens in life, it is an enjoyable thing that most people like participating in, like many other people I am also a die-hard fucker and I like having sex at any place at any time because it makes me feel complete, energetic and healthy. During my free time I like traveling around the globe for new experience in sex and trying to get the best quality sex as well.

Recently I visited Singapore purposely for getting new sex experiences because I have read much about Singapore sex story and the theory I got about the sex in Singapore made me want to put it in practical terms and to tell you the right facts. I have never had great sex like I had in Singapore, the place is a hot bed of vibrant and fulfilling sex all thanks to the five-star hotels, beaches among other locations and the absolutely beautiful Singapore women. Those things made me have conducive and sweet sex, believe me that environment contributes a great deal to the quality of the sex, sometimes it is not about how you do it but where it is being done which is why exotic and erotic Singapore gave me my lifetime fucking experience.

It all started when I touched down in Singapore the sunny City that is also a Country, I had in mind several places to visit and I choose to start with the five-star hotel known as Hotel Lavender, I took a taxi to the place and as if luck was on my side I met with a beautiful woman who had all the best qualities that I wanted for a Singapore woman, her figure was amazing, her hips didn’t lie at all, she had curved hips and everything in her made me fall for her, I had already undressed her in my mind and was visualizing on how I will fuck her, my penis was already erect without even having spoken to her. I introduced myself to her and her name was Candy, a sexy name like her, for many men convincing a lady is such a headache but for me I had all the vocabularies in that world, when it comes to that I am always good at it, no lady has ever taken more than an hour to dance to my tune, I was born with a tongue of honey and as Candy can be my witness, with my persuasive powers it only took me around 45 minutes to get her full attention. Though I must admit that Singapore women are a bit tricky but all the same I got her under control and it was now the perfect time to explore her as well as Singapore.

For some reasons I didn’t want to fuck her at the Lavender hotel, I wanted to get her first into the sex mood because I have found that when a woman is in the mood of sex she can do wonders in bed and that is what I like, to have quality sex and as a man you must first prepare the lady both physically and psychologically otherwise you are setting yourself for a disappointing sexual experience. So I decided to take my Singapore queen to some exotic places in Singapore. It was somewhat hot so I decided that a swimming pool would be a nice place to start, of course Hotel Lavender had a five-star swimming pool but to show Candy that I was interested in exploring her and Singapore we shifted to another hotel known as Peninsula Excelsior Hotel, a terrific Singapore Landmark Hotel. We went directly to the pool and when Candy changed to her swimming costume I almost collapsed, she was beautiful beyond compare, I wanted to jump into her and fuck her right there like I had never before but I cooled it down though inside I was boiling hot, my penis could not control itself and shot up it was over active and standing waiting for the moment when Candy opened her legs to me.

My main purpose for the swim was to get fresh and also cool off as well us preparing myself and her for my Singapore sex, we swim as we caress each other in the water and I almost gave her a shot in water but I can just control it, I must say that this Singapore lady knows how to swim like a fish, she was home in the water, what luck that I had! Someone once told me that if you want to know a woman who has special skills in bed then take her to a swimming pool and watch her swim, if she can move freely in the water like a dancer then she can as well dance in bed, and that I confirm to be true.

After having our seduction swing we toweled off together and then went up to the room. The room was fantastic and classy and we opened a bottle of wine that we shared together and the electric atmosphere intensified as we both knew what was shortly to come. Somehow we made it to the bedroom and lay her down and slowly took her clothes off. Her porcelain doll like skin was almost translucent – she was so very beautiful with those lovely Singapore breasts exposed to me and those nipple erect to my touch and kiss. I kissed her all over from her neck to her toes where I sucked them gently as she began to moan and writhe. I could see a small wet patch appearing on her cotton undies and so began to ascend her silky smooth body and kiss her clitoris through her panties.

I took my time to kiss her and pulled her cotton panties to the side revealing the most beautiful pink flesh that was moist and dripping. I could not take my eyes of her beautiful pussy as I began to finger fuck her, touching her sharp big boobs with my other hand. Her moaning intensified and she began to spread her legs revealing her insides to me as I began to put two, then three and finally four fingers into that sweet hole. I began to believe that this Singapore lady was actually a kind of woman who one would think that she was created only for sex, she was hot from toe to the tip of her head. Candy could not resist it anymore, she began to beg me to fuck her i had already aroused her to the bone, she was getting weaker and weaker.

Candy said, ‘Please fuck me. I need you inside me. My cunt is wide open for you.”

I said, “We have all afternoon and night. We need not rush this – I am enjoying you squirm – I want you to desire me more.’

She said, “You don’t understand. I need you. I need you more now than I have ever needed a man. My insides are full of desire that only your erect cock can quench.’



With that she grabbed hold of my erect cock and began to suck it. She took it all the way down her throat until I could feel her gag. The sensation was unbelievable and I pushed my cock even further down her throat. Tears began to appear in her eyes but she did not pull my cock out of her mouth. If anything she forced my cock further down her throat by grabbing my ass with one hand and pulling me towards her whilst with her other hand she began to massage my balls. Never before had a woman been able to take my whole 8 inch cock inside her mouth and throat but Candy was sucking my dick like her life depended on it.

I could feel my cock throb and although my thinking head was saying to not blow but to satisfy her first my penis was enjoying experience that it had never had before. The throbbing intensified and before I knew it I began to cum in strong spurts deep inside her throat. First one spurt, then two spurts and the intensity was so great that I pulled my cock out grabbing it and stroking it vigorously as three, four, five and six more huge white fountains of cum came out of my cock all over Candy’s face. Jism was flying all over her face as she held her mouth open catching some of my man juices. Globule of sperm were hanging from her chin, nose and other parts of her face. I could not believe I had cum all over her sweet and pretty face. Candy was certainly living up to my expectations and more. She grabbed some tissues that were on the bedside table and began to wipe her face clean as she said with a wicked smile, “Well now you know what a true Singapore blow-job is like – it is time to get that cock of yours back up and pound my pussy hard. It is time to satisfy me with your hard cock. It is time to show me that not only can you talk the talk but you can walk the walk.’

The tables had turned slightly. I was no longer being the instigator – now I was being the pursued. This brought a wry smile to my face as my spent cock was already beginning to stir looking at Candy who had laid back down on the bed in front of my with her legs spread and began to play with her sweet, wet dripping pussy in front of me as she said , “Come on big boy. Show me what you’ve got.”

Candy was a beautiful Singapore Queen and now it was me that beginning to understand her world of Singapore sex. Her juicy vagina looked so tempting I fell to my knees and began to first lick around that hot honey pussy then finally darting my tongue in and out of that pink silky smooth hole. She tasted fantastic and her liquid juices trickled in my mouth and down my throat. This Singapore passion was driving me insane and it was not long before my cock was throbbing again – hot like an active volcano ready to release its lava in vicious eruptions.

Then I got up and my thick 8 inch cock easily penetrated her lubricated pussy. It slipped inside and I slowly moved each inch of me inside her. She moaned and cooed with delight. Many times in the past when having sex with Asian women they have not been able to comfortably take my whole manhood inside, but this was not a problem with Candy and soon I was completely inside her as deep as my cock would go. Once there I slowly started moving my cock in and out as she grabbed my back and pulled her nails down it scratching me. I am sure it drew blood but it did not hurt but did indeed inspire me to pick up the pace and start thrusting my erect dick in and out of her. She was beginning to understand that I too knew the ways of sex.

My thrusting soon became pounding as I viciously fucked her harder and harder. Candy not only responded but spread her legs wider and then folded them around my neck causing her bottom to be uplifted and her back arched off the bed. She began to scream out in delight and started yelling profanities that I thought never could be released from the lips of such a gorgeous Singapore Woman. Her pussy then started to tighten and spasm around my cock and within moments she was squirting her juices over me and soaking the bed. Her breathing was erratic and as the squirting began to slow she held up her hand to slow me down and said, ‘Please give me just a moment… I do not believe I have ever been fucked like that before and my pussy is so sensitive.   Please just a moment before we can continue.’

I then pulled my cock out of her and to my surprise she grabbed hold of it and with her tongue began to lick if. First the top, then the bottom and then lifting my cock and sucking my balls.   She licked my cock completely clean of her cum juices and the pre-cum that was on top of my head. Slowly she began to suck my cock again, not the deep throating demon that she was before, but gently.

She then said, ‘You have the biggest cock that I have ever had before. I want you to try something but you have to be gentle ok.”

I said, ‘Ok. What is it?”

She said, “I want you to fuck my ass, but your dick is so big and thick I am not sure if I can take it. You will have to be really gently and if I ask you to stop you must as you may damage me.’

I could not believe what I was being asked and agreed whole heartedly.

I then went down on her again but then started to kiss and lick her ass cheeks. I then turned her over and began to caress her buttocks and kiss her upper thighs. I then grabbed hold of her hips and lifted them in the air so she was in the doggie position displaying her womanhood proudly to me. I began to lick her thighs, cheekily darting my tongue in her pussy and finally I began to lick down her crack, spreading her ass cheeks wide until I came upon her pink and beautiful rosebud. I began to kiss around this delight and I noticed that with each kiss her ass moved slightly opening and closing. And as each kiss got closer to her actual hole the movement increased in motion.

Then I kissed her asshole, delicately, warmly, slowly and finally I began to tongue fuck her ass. She moaned and began to sway in delight. I did this for many minutes and when finally I got up with her ass cheeks still spread by me I saw that she was ass gaping at me. Her ass was wide open and I could see the pink shiny flesh inside her. Oh what a sight to behold – this was more than I could have ever bargained for.

I said, “Are you ready Candy?”

She said, “I was born ready for you cock lover.’

My cock was throbbing and my head was pink and tingling as I put some Superslyde lubricant on my prick and then poured some in her still open ass. I saw it glistening as it trickled in her pink meat and they her sphincter must have felt is sliding down and it puckered up. With her ass now closed I slowly rubbed the head of my cock around it and delicately placed more and more pressure on it. Candy was moaning and then after a few moments my cock popped inside her ass that was now clamping down and spasming on my cock.

My 8 inch thick cock looked huge in her delicate Singapore anus and I slowly and ever so delicately began to insert my cock deeper and deeper inside her. Contrary to what most men say about anal sex I prefer to slowly insert my whole shaft into that hot love hole rather than doing short strokes in and out as many women have complained that it hurts before I get even halfway in. Centimetre by slow centimetre my cock slowly entered her going deeper and deeper with her giving a low moan throughout the process. Finally my cock was in her – the whole 8 inches and this is when I slowly started to rhythmically move within her, slow short ones at first and each time increasing the length of the stroke Until Finally I was fucking her in the ass.

Her moans raised a pitch in octave that I took to believe she was enjoying it now so now I started to increase the strength of my strokes within her until finally I was pounding her ass. Sweat appeared on her porcelain skinned back and she began to push her rear end to me now in sequence to my thrusts. She was an ass fucking Singapore anal queen and she was starting to go off.

She told me to lie down and somehow we contorted and I managed to lie flat on the bed with her back facing me and my cock still inside her. She began to move upwards and downwards and I had a clear view of my thick lubricated cock going in and out of her. She then sat down as hard as she could on my cock and began to grind it in her ass. She put all her body weight on it so that all I could see was her crack whilst her ass devoured my manhood.

Her grinding became more and more vigorous and she was moaning and getting sexually animated and began to yell sweet obscenities, ‘fuck me, fuck yeah, fuck my ass, you ass fucking cunt’ and more which only turned me on more. Finally she let out an almighty scream and her ass began spasming on my cock , “Fuck I’m cumming’!!!

For more than a minute I felt her ass spasming until it slowly subsided and she fell to the side with the biggest smile on my face. My cock was still hard and erect and needing to be relieved. She said, “My vaginie really wants that but would you prefer to fuck it or my mouth?”

Wow, what luck. Candy was one hell of a performer. I said, “Well why stop at one.”

With that she smiled and pointed to her open mouth. As I moved my cock towards her mouth she grabbed my cock and began to use her tongue circling the head, then licking the shaft and final lifting up my cock and sucking my balls. Good god this felt good and I was really looking forward to this blowjob!

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