A Steamy Rendezvous Of Passion and Lust at Pasir Panjang Inn

A Steamy Rendezvous Of Passion and Lust at Pasir Panjang Inn

Rushed Lunch Break

A Steamy Rendezvous – We had little time available to us. She had a session later that afternoon at Universal Music Records, a ten-minute walk from Pasir Panjang Inn, while I had to return to work. With only a one-hour lunch break, I had already spent ten minutes driving. So, immediately after parking my car, I hopped out, locked it, and hurried into the building.

The blue writing, “PASIR PANJANG INN,” stared at me as I moved closer.

I stood momentarily at the entrance, surveying the room. Drake music played overhead, and the bartenders moved around with oscillating hips. I looked around, but she wasn’t there. I took out my phone and saw her text,

“Hurry honey, I’m horny already. The usual room.” I stuffed the phone into my pocket, my zipper already bulging.

The Usual Room

On the first floor, in the third room, she waited. In her bikini, she hugged me tightly, this erotic Singapore beauty. She wouldn’t let go. Her large, hard nipples pressed against my hairy chest, my tie hanging loosely from my neck. She pulled it, untied it, and it fell to the wet floor.

“I’ve been waiting for you. I missed your dick,” she said, running her right hand down my crotch and her left one exploring my hips.

My hands rested on her smooth, voluptuous hips. I pressed her hard against myself. I had to take off my clothes; this was lunch-time sex, and I had to return to work soon.

A Steamy Rendezvous

After removing my shirt and trousers, I pulled her close, stroked her hair, unstrapped her bra, and tucked her left breast into my mouth. Her nipple was warm, always warm, and large like a plastic bottle top. I began sucking, and she pressed it hard into my mouth. I bit it tenderly, and some salty liquid dripped from her breast, which I swallowed. My wife never did this to me; she just lay there like a log.

She wrapped her legs around my waist, her eyes closed as she moaned incoherently. Her long hair fell back and forth, and she had tears in her imploring eyes, as she always did when she felt at cloud nine. She brought the other breast, forcing it into my mouth, but I knew I would not give her all she wanted. I had to keep her a little wanting.

Surroundings and Ambience

The surroundings at Pasir Panjang Inn exude a sense of nostalgia and charm. The inn’s exterior, adorned with vintage blue signage, invites visitors into a world where time seems to slow down. Inside, the atmosphere is vibrant yet cozy, with soft lighting and the gentle hum of overhead music creating a relaxed vibe. The bartenders, with their graceful movements, add to the dynamic ambiance. Every corner of the inn tells a story, from the well-worn wooden floors to the carefully curated décor that reflects a blend of tradition and modernity.

Scene and Setting

The setting of our rendezvous added to the thrill. The inn’s first floor, with its discreet rooms, provided the perfect escape from our daily routines. The room itself, familiar and inviting, was our sanctuary. The warm lighting, coupled with the subtle scent of fresh linen, set the stage for our intimate encounter.

Outside the room, the bustling life of Pasir Panjang continued, but within those walls, time stood still. The inn’s ambiance, a mix of comfort and excitement, made every moment spent there feel like a stolen piece of paradise, heightening the anticipation and passion of our meetings.


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Intense Encounter

The bed behind her had a PVC cover that would prevent any liquid from infiltrating the mattress. I unstrapped her thong; her pussy was soaking wet with lubrication. I laid her on the bed on her back and descended on her pussy, my tongue out like that of a tired dog. I inserted my tongue, licking her Singaporean clitoris, holding it between my lips, and sucking it until it began pulsing like a heartbeat. She came, and I licked. With her legs around my neck, she moaned and begged for more, pulling my head closer to her pussy. Her thighs smelled nice. I moved back.

Passionate Movements

One thing though, I had not brought my condoms. I always did, but today I left them in my coat. Sonia never allowed me into her without protection, and today didn’t seem any different. I stepped on my pair of boxers to let my huge cock loose, then I descended on Sonia. My tongue traveled from her neck to her ear, her hands firmly holding onto my hard cock. We were headed for the top. I pressed my pelvis into her thighs. I didn’t want her to notice that I had not worn any protection, though she was holding my cock strongly, stroking it up and down.

Unexpected Passion

I removed her hands. As I kissed her neck, I flapped my dick up and down her now burning pussy. Her clitoris was on fire. She screamed, pushing my hand off my dick, took hold of it, and pushed it into her pussy. I tried to pull back; she pushed. I began fucking her, thrusting my manhood back and forth in slow motion. I was keen not to cum quickly.

“Oh yeah…. Oh yeah…. Harder, baby, fuck that. Oooh….” she cried.

The room was getting hot, and we made the situation hotter. I gradually increased the tempo.

The pace with which she said “Oh yeah” increased as well.

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Surroundings and Ambiance

Pasir Panjang Inn exudes a blend of modern comfort and nostalgic charm. The exterior, with its distinctive blue signage, welcomes guests into an atmosphere of relaxation and intimacy. Inside, the ambiance is vibrant yet cozy, with dim lighting and soft music creating a serene environment. The bartenders move gracefully, adding a dynamic touch to the setting. The decor reflects a fusion of contemporary style and traditional elements, making the inn a perfect escape from the bustling city outside. Every detail, from the comfortable furnishings to the warm lighting, enhances the overall experience.

Heated Scene

The scene inside the room was equally captivating. The intimate setting provided a perfect backdrop for our passionate encounter. The bed, with its PVC cover, ensured that nothing disrupted our moment. The room’s warm lighting and subtle scents added to the sensual atmosphere. Outside, life continued at its usual pace, but within those walls, time seemed to stand still. The combination of comfort and excitement heightened the intensity of our experience, making every moment unforgettable. The surroundings and ambiance of Pasir Panjang Inn contributed significantly to the fervor and intimacy of our rendezvous.

Unplanned Climax

“Baby, there, there, there,” she implored amid her moans.

Soon, I’d be cumming, and I didn’t want to. So, I took my dick out and began licking her once more.

“Fuck me, Babji, fuck me!!” she screamed, grabbing my cock.

I gave in, turned her around, bent her back, but her neck was turned behind. Her legs made a perfect inverted V. I grabbed her thighs, her wet pussy sweetly exposed to me. I slid my cock into her and began fucking.

“Oh yeah, there, there baby, there….” she cried. I did it with vigor.

Climax and Aftermath

She screamed; I saw tears in her eyes. Her breasts swung like two loose pawpaws on a windy day. Her hips oscillated like a dancer’s, adding to the eroticism.

As I pumped in and out, she cried “Oh yeah,” moving her buttocks in a seductive circular motion. Within seconds, a sweet sensation caught my cock.

I was cumming. The fucking became rapid, her moans and cries turning to gasps. As the sweetness climaxed, she opened her eyes wide, let out a sound suggesting heavy reception of a load. As I poured the liquid into her, her wide eyes closed, and she swallowed a heavy lump of saliva. She lay there, still. Her breasts hung, the floor between her legs wet with white liquid.

A Return to Reality

I fell on her. We both lay on the bed, our warm bodies not feeling like letting go. She held my hand strongly, her eyes still closed. Then my phone alarm went off; it was 2 p.m., the time I was expected at the office. My pants, the ones I had stepped on to remove, lay on the floor, wet with semen and Sonia’s vaginal fluid.

How was I to explain this at the office?

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