10 Sexy Ideas for Your Singapore Vacation

10 Sexy Ideas for Your Singapore Vacation

As a couple, you need to look for ways to spoil your significant other. Many occasions will allow you to do so – maybe you are planning a surprise birthday party or a wedding anniversary. Whatever the occasion may be, nothing can beat a romantic getaway so that the alone time can allow you both to have sex and enjoy each other’s company. If you want to spice up your sex life and buy kinds of stuff like the best flavored lube, then we have curated this list of sexy ideas for your Singapore vacation.

Ideas For Singapore Vacation To Have Sex And Quality Time With Your Partner

If you want to know how to have good sex everyday in Singapore, then you can make use of these romantic tips mentioned below:

1. Picnic Plans At The Singapore Botanic Gardens

There is nothing more romantic than heading out to the greenest part of Singapore with your better half and having a picnic there. Named as one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, the Singapore Botanic Gardens is a great place to unwind and relax among the sights and sounds of Mother Nature around you. You and your partner can simply lay a mat out on the open field, right next to the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage. Even if you did not get your picnic basket, there are many fine dining restaurants nearby.

2. Hopping From One Museum To Another

If you want to know how to have a healthy sex life, it is recommended that you head out more with your partner. One of the activities you can do with your partner is museum hopping, especially if you both are culture and art geeks. This will be a very romantic experience for you both, and you will be able to visit many museums throughout the day. Some popular museums you can visit are the Asian Civilization Museum, National Museum of Singapore, National Gallery Singapore, etc.


3. Ice Skating

For couples, the Jurong Entertainment Centre is one of the most popular go-to spots in the country. Here, there are many book stores you can head out to and look for books that can help you learn how to stay healthy sexually. Then, you can also head for some movies. However, the Entertainment Centre is famously known for its Ice Rink. This is comparatively a new attraction and attracts many visitors in a single day.

4. Visit The Esplanade Roof Terrace

If you visit the Esplanade Mall, head to the Esplanade Roof Terrace via the escalator or the elevator. Here, you will find the most amazing spots where you can simply relax or have a takeaway meal with your partner. The views from here are wonderful, and you can easily see the Singapore skyline. The best times to visit this roof terrace are right before sunrise or just before the sunsets. The night views are excellent as well.

5. Cycling To Coney Island

Cycling is another great activity you can indulge in to spend some sexy and romantic time with your partner. For cycling, most tourist experts would suggest that you head to Coney Island, which is located near the coast of Punggol. This part is full of flora and fauna and is also a popular location for weddings. Even if you do not have a bike, you can easily rent one from any available bike rental stalls.


6. Café Hopping

One of the most fun activities for couples wondering what causes lack of sex drive is café hopping. Your partner can hop around cafés in Singapore. Whether it is brunch, evening snacks, or a simple dinner, café hopping is quite fun. Plus, you also get to taste a wide range of foods.

7. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a fun activity for couples who are looking for something new and daring. You and your partner can head to the Funan Mall or the Kallang Wave Mall, where you will see indoor rock climbing walls. Alternatively, you can also try out bouldering, a type of rock climbing but does not have ropes and harnesses. Most places offer rock climbing and bouldering at the same place.

8. Playing Games At Play Nation

At Play Nation, you will be offered a range of packages that you and your partner can play. There are many different types of games that you both will love, especially if you are pro gamers! You just need to choose the console or board game and simply start playing. If you are a winner, you will get free snacks and drinks. However, you must pre-book a pair of slots to play here. After the game, you both can head out for a great dinner at the nearby restaurants.


9. A Silent Night At The Gardens By The Bay

The Garden By The Bay is one of the most important tourist attractions in Singapore. The entire garden consists of eight sections, out of which most are free to visit. This place is the perfect place for a romantic date with your partner. One recommendation would be to visit the Dahlia Dreams Exhibition at the Flower Dome. Additionally, you will find a lot of local food outlets in the area.

10. Opting For A Quiet Stay In The Hotel

Even if you and your partner are looking for some alone time, you can stay inside your hotel and ponder over the question ‘is having sex everyday good?’ While we do not know the answer to this question, we can say that you will find a lot of luxurious resorts and hotels in Singapore. Most of them are complete with private pools and fancy bathtubs for indulgence. Some also include gorgeous loft rooms.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a romantic getaway in Singapore, you can make use of these tips. These are some of the best places to visit in Singapore. You and your partner will be able to re-ignite your passion and flame simply by visiting Singapore.

Did you try this experience? Do you have other ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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