Singapore Story

Singapore Story

Cable Car Sex Fetish | Mount Faber Public Sex

You Will Not Believe What I Did In The Cable Car At Mount Faber


Singapore Sex At Mount Faber | Romance At Mount Faber Singapore

The day started out as a normal one. I went to work and found myself swamped with meaningless tasks as always. I went about my day only thinking about one thing; that beautiful girl I am taking to Mount Faber.  We had planned this out for a while now but our schedules finally matched up (or so she says) and we will be staying in a great hotel on Mount Faber this weekend. I plan to take her on a tour of the site and to ride the famous cable cars. I am scared of heights but when it comes to a sexy woman I will do anything to get the ball rolling. I was excited with the thought of being up and close to her. She always smells like peaches; I love it

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