Singapore Story

Singapore Story

2016 Ultra Singapore | Expat Night Life Adventures

Ultra Singapore 2016


Biggest Singapore Music Event | Go Wild at Ultra Singapore

Living as an expat in the wonderful city of Singapore can be quite a delight in the truest sense. You’re basically a wanderer or a nomad, breaching political barriers and borders as you look for a place to live in beside your own motherland; yes, I am in my fatherland. Being far away from home can be a bit daunting, to say the least, but the experience here is unfathomable. The work, the culture, the entire setting in the heart of the eastern world, Singapore has never ever failed to impress and send me babbling with alienated words and picking up on cheap street language to describe how truly at home I feel right here.

The place is exceptionally great for people like me who love to experience the nuances of life. I’ve been here for 5 years now and the place has given me great opportunities and warm and wonderful people to interact with. I even love the nightlife here as it truly expands and glows in the dark. As a lot of Singapore is still into the traditional Chinese customs and culture, the ways of the world is constantly putting it through amazing changes and Singapore has now embraced globalization completely. It amazing to watch it grow and be part of the upbeat of the world