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Singapore Story

Lady Ghost In Singapore Park | PulauBlakangMati Ghosts

Ghosts of Pulau Blakang Mati


Singapore’s Sensual Ghost Stories | Sexy Singapore Apparitions

Living in Sentosa, formerly known as PulakauBlakangMatiis one of the most auspicious things that can happen to anyone that lives in Singapore. There are a lot of reasons as to why this place is amazing and I never knew that I would come face to face with one someday. I have always enjoyed seasonal; walks in the park as well as getting coffee from my favorite restaurant. These were my usual routines and sometimes it would be so late that I could feel the darkness around me. Yes, it was kind of creepy but a lonely guy in this place is creepier as there are a lot of beautiful women around. I had never really been a ladies man and most of my friends teased me everyday despite this being my final year of college and I had somehow managed to avoid all the ladies

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