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Singapore Story

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I sat in my chair trying my best to concentrate since end of semester exams at the Singapore University were around the corner and my grade the previous semester was not all that good. Reading and my concentration had been somewhat difficult for quite some time, anytime I picked my algebra text book to study, twice in a span of two weeks I woke up the following day having been overcome by sleep in the middle of studying. Other units were even worse. As soon as I pick any book to read, many ideas came to my mind, and everything culminated in stress. But after we were given a motivational talk four days ago, I was more determined to turn things for the better. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I had all the determination, or so I thought. In Singapore, I developed a liking of hobby a walk in The Cloud Forest, and for this particular day, I looked through the window and noticed two lovers passionately holding hands as they entered into the forest. What a lovely experience

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