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Singapore Story

Equarius Hotel Review | Sex At The Equarius Hotel

Sexual Delight At The Equarius Hotel


Erotic Story at The Equarius Hotel | Singapore Sex Stories

“I can’t believe we are finally here, Michael. I’ve been dreaming of this trip forever! The pictures and the planning have nothing on the experience of actually walking down South Bridge Road and seeing Buddha Tooth Relic Temple right before my eyes. It’s more amazing than I ever could have imaged. Thank you for making the time to bring me here.”

“You know I’d do anything to make you happy, Gloria. These last few months have been pure hell and you deserve this time away from all the distractions. It is beautiful here and the food on KeongSaik Road has been amazing. Still, none of it compares to you. I’m so glad we have finally made it to our room. Now, we can really have a good time.”