Singapore Story

Singapore Story

Seduction At Changhi Airport | Sunflowers At Changhi

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Romance In the Changhi Airport Garden | Changhi Airport Sex

My two weeks, Singapore business trip was coming to an end, and I can’t tell you how dejected I was. A fortnight had gone by so fast, I hadn’t had enough time to savor all that the glittering Singapore had to offer. I had waited for this trip my entire life. Just a year fresh from graduating in law school, the foreign trip was certainly one of the highest peaks of my life and career. I was with Sarah Hassan, a fellow associate from the law firm, and we had just finished a series of power house meetings and random tour sprees in Singapore. There was an easy chemistry between us, and the trip was for the most part interesting. We had visited popular malls together, toured some of the best places in Singapore, and we were just short of sleeping inside the same hotel room.