Singapore Story

Singapore Story

Kusu Island Singapore | Erotic Wishing Well

Passion At The Kusu Island Wishing Well


Love At The Wishing Well | Kusu Island Romance

She had never imagined that visiting a childhood friend on his birthday party would turn disastrous like that. She very well couldn’t have imagined that said friend would be the cause of it.

“I love you”, Jack slurred.

He was determined. He had loved Myra for so long and he was going to tell her that come hell or high water. He tightened his grip on her arm and tried to pull her to him. A tight resounding slap shocked him enough to step back from her. She knew that he had one too many and would be regretting it the coming morning. She had always known of his crush on her but he had never tried to be forceful before. It wasn’t in his nature. She had known him for too many years to count. So she knew that he will be beating himself up plenty in the morning because of her.