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Singapore Story

Pulau Sekudu Island | Singapore Island Beauty

A Passionate Night at Pulau Sekudu Island - Romantic Eskimo Kiss


The Pala Sekudu Affair | Romantic Tryst In Singapore


Visiting a childhood friend on his birthday turned into something disastrous, Nadia never imagined that the birthday boy would be the reason for it. All this started, last year at Daniel’s birthday party. Daniel is a successful businessman who lives near Pulau Sekudu Island which is also known as Frog Island. A clear view of the island can be seen from his house which made it an ideal spot for social gatherings. According to the local legend, this place got its name from a race which took place between three animals which were an elephant, a pig and a frog. The frog won the race and the island was named after the frog. The animals that remained were turned into a big rock which is now known as Pulau Ubin Island. This place has its own scenic beauty that attracts a lot of Singaporean locals and worldwide travelers.

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