Singapore Story

Singapore Story

Passion In Singapore | Erotic Life In Singapore

“Yes sir, I’ll start packing right away. No problem…yea, absolutely! I…thank you..yes…goodbye Mr. Jeohne.”


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Singapore Erotic Passion Story | My Sex Life In Singapore

I couldn’t believe it. After years of hard work and almost giving up on my dream, it finally happened. I was going to be moving to Erotic Singapore to help start one of the most well-financed restaurants in the world. I would have full creative control, and a decent salary to go along with it. I started packing right away, just like I had told my new boss. I threw away a lot of my items, since I knew that I would be going so far and I would be able to start over and get all new things. I never had any problem throwing stuff out, I wasn’t much for the material life anyways. All that mattered to me was my cooking and being able to see the world.

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