Singapore Story

Singapore Story

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Nature Park Romance | Expat In Singapore

Friday was always the worst day in the office for Shawnee. You see Friday was the beginning of a long and very lonely weekend. As an expatriate in Singapore, a weekend could hold so much promise or at worst, inspire dread. Having been in this city that is a Country for a just over a year now, Shawnee dreaded every weekend.Name any art house in this city and the possibility was next to nil that Shawnee had not been a guest there at some point during her stay in Singapore. Every coffee house manager worth his salt in the city knew Shawnee on a first name basis. The British expatriate had even taken a dozen road trips out of town but after a year of doing all that is expected of a prim and proper British expatriate, the heady attraction that comes from visiting a new city had for the first time had most certainly worn off. This was the mood that Shawnee expected to usher in her weekend – dark bordering on black